Sunday, March 24, 2013

"New Leaders Council" - Cathedral Officer Candidate School

Are you a power hungry American? Were you not fortunate enough to get into a top tier college for automatic placement within the cathedral after graduation? Are you a true believer, progressive automaton? Can you please be a woman or minority? Then apply for training at the New Leaders Council Institute!

This institute trains progressive robots to go be the next generation of leaders. Their mission is to catch up to what the conservatives have done since 1979 in training the leaders of tomorrow. How warped are these people? They do not see that the conservatives had to set up that institute since the Democrats had a pipeline for new leaders called 'the entire American university system'. If you ever want to get in with the GOP, just go to DC right out of college. They have so few people under 30 to select from in DC that you get assaulted by older conservatives with jobs and money. Democrats, well, you better have a great reference from a professor or a good victim card to play. This institute sucks up the unlucky progs who couldn't go to Harvard, indoctrinates them, and then returns them to their territory to spread filth. Back home, they take positions of leadership for nonprofits and other government jobs, and have the certified stamp of approval from the DC progressive overlords. Run through the courses, they are a joke. Why bother with courses on messaging and framing when the entire media is on your side? Some of these graduates will go into the media and PR positions. This started in 2006 because the Democrats didn't need this at all. This entire institute is a rip off to give some good progs jobs. It is amazing how blind these people are to their control of the system that they feel the need to play the underdog role in superfluous realms. This is our sick system.

Addendum: Check out the Board of Directors. That ugly, inhuman skull above worked day and night to get turnout to 105% in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. One of the many white folks who guide the Democrats' coalition of victim groups. A Truman Democrat (wouldn't that make him a 21st century Republican?), he is a committed believer to the progressive cause. A beady-eyed worm in human form like that could only come from Massachusetts. May there be a hell so that he can burn in it.

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Odds Bodkin said...

Tolkien would describe this hominid a "sneering half man half orc with beady eyes."