Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Negative Society Defined + Exemplified

I have a label for posts called "negative society". It is a concept that I slap on our modern society as nearly everything that was once virtuous is now bad, and what was once considered bad is now virtuous or heroic. It is different from devolution, which is what we're slowly going through in this decadent phase of Western Civilization. Tonight on your social media platforms, you will see negative society in action. It will be defined.

Venezuelan authorities announced Hugo Chavez died today from cancer. He was an autocratic, Marxist piece of shit, which meant he was a power hungry narcissist. He had a laundry list of anti-liberty acts. My Faceborg timeline had 3 posts pro-Hugo with multiple likes attached to each.

Jacques Barzun was a cultural critic, long time professor and author of a great, sad love song to Western Civilization, From Dawn to Decadence (quick review here). I noted his death on Faceborg in October of 2012. Not a peep. No one knew him or commented on my post. It was a sign of devolution as well as our negative society that his death did not get one interested response.

Consecrate and sanctify the crude and megalomaniacal and ignore a dedicated lover of one's culture and civilization all due to political persuasion.

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