Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Missing Item in NOVA's "Mind of a Rampage Killer"

NOVA put together very quickly after the Adam Lanza Newtown mass murder a little documentary on the Mind of a Rampage Killer. There was brain biochemistry in CGI and MRI brain activity mapping. There was plenty of talk about nature and nurture working together with a little CGI bit on how genes get turned on or off by environment or nurturing from moms. Epigenetics really is working its way through the cathedral organs, but it was interesting to hear 'experts' say it's both nature & nurture. Guns were mentioned throughout the special. Lots of references to genes turning off or on due to even minimal stress and tension in children's lives. There were many references to stress events or trauma even affecting teenagers, who might be even more malleable than babies. A lot of attention was paid to depression and mental health disorders that teens can keep secret. In NOVA's defense, they did mention how rampage killers are so rare that regular murders kill 2000 for every one person killed by a rampage killer. This then led to a bit on a juvenile prison of regular offenders who are locked up in serious jail yet get counseling. I support that.

There is unintentional comedy here. They had a section on the woman who wrote "I am Adam Lanza's Mother", which should be watched for the gold medal performance by that rationalization hamster (mom edition). Her son should be in a psych ward & she needs PTSD therapy. There was even talk of traits that actuarial tables will say are predictors of crime. You can guess a trait they left out, but that isn't the big missing item from this special. The special discussed environment, genes, epigenetics, nurture, violent boys, the "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" lady, mental health issues, guns and how even low level stress and tension can changes kids and teens. Hmmmm, something is missing. NOVA did NOT mention at all the big topic that we know is a problem, because it would wreck the narrative and fire a missile at our liberal society.......


Anonymous said...

I like much of your material but it would be easier to read if you divided it up into shorter paragraphs. Thanks

westunderground said...

What is the definition of confusion?

A: father's day in Harlem