Saturday, March 23, 2013

Missing from Times Article on Men's Falling Income

The NY Times has an article on the decline in men's incomes (via PussyLion of the Blogosphere). They do cite single parents as having an impact. In true cathedral fashion, it is phrased in a way that men make less income so women are choosing to raise kids by themselves. Oh of course, Times, because every single mom I run into ISN'T bitching about how hard it is to raise kids by themselves and how all men want to date them. Sure, whatever. The best part of the propaganda was right here:

“I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labor market screaming out ‘You need more education’ and have been able to respond to that, and men have not,” said Michael Greenstone, an M.I.T. economics professor who was not involved in Professor Autor’s work. “And it’s very, very scary for economists because people should be responding to price signals. And men are not. It’s a fact in need of an explanation.”

Thanks Professor for that good dose of propaganda to get men to go to college more. Please, take on loans that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in a declining economy. C'mon men! Do it! Now go ahead and read the article for a good laugh. The single parent thing is making its way through the cathedral organs. They will never admit culpability for their social welfare programs. This isn't the entire story. The Times misses a giant issue that has hurt men's wages. I recently blogged about it. They can't mention it, because it helps their side. Here's the one word that is nowhere in this article but definitely hurts middle and working class men:



PRCD said...

What evidence does he have that more education is translating into higher pay? Women do not major in STEM and only STEM is worth getting an education in (barely).

Immigration is hurting blue collar men, but bastardy is also. Boys raised by single mothers fare much worse in the labor market, and Gen X/Y/Millenial men are disproportionally raised by single mothers with the situation getting worse.

Immigration is hurting, but it's unclear how much. Illegals are unskilled labor and turn out poor quality work. There are a lot of white carpenters in California and other sand states that have more work than they can handle even though illegals flood the market. Meanwhile, my parents neighbor who uses illegals doesn't have much work. Evidently, people don't like crappy carpentry done by low-effort illegals.

Meanwhile, skilled journeymen appear to be in demand but it's hard to convince a kid to go into the trades. I interact with a lot of youth and they don't seem to know what to do with themselves. Part of personal economic success is pursuing a high-value job. They have no clue how to handle it.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'm with you on what evidence. Median salary in America is 35K. There are many jobs not requiring a college degree that will pay 35K annually. This is more hype to push people into the college racket.

Skilled trades became a prole sign to enough people that Boomer strivers pushed their kids down the college track at all costs. I have heard multiple theories on that one including a theory that the split and elevation to refined art in the Renaissance vs. techne is the godfather of that split. I think it was also the chase for money starting in the '80s.