Sunday, March 17, 2013

Massachusetts Alimony Reform: Still All About Ladies

There is a dark realm of progressive behavior: Massachusetts. It is an unholy land of progressives inverting all that the West knew as order and natural. Massachusetts used to have lifetime alimony no matter how short the marriage. Massachusetts new alimony provisions look like a giant leap forward for men. Woohoo, super progressive Massachusetts just did away with lifetime alimony for a schedule (slide show quickies here) that looks decent and has some provisions that terminate alimony if a woman cohabitates with another man. How did Massachusetts reform alimony yet is the most progressive state in the union? Easy. Women are paying it more & more; they hate it big time. Progressives in Massachusetts are responding to this, and looking to the future.

The cathedral works really well with all of those articles being pumped out in 2012. The articles are soaked in anti-male phrases to defend the anger and frustration women feel with paying alimony. The lower earning men are described in a manner no article would use for a lower earning or stay at home mom.
But there continues to be protest from some of the female population, especially in those cases where women are forced to pay spousal support to a deadbeat husband (SOBL: deadbeat?). In fact, some litigators find that their female clients had no idea what was ahead when they chose to support their husbands financially and emotionally through most of the marriage out of a sense of obligation and kindness. The idea that they would asked to continue to do so after the dissolution never occurred to them.  
“I think most women never give this another thought. Most are shocked to find they could have to pay spousal support,” Sember said. “There's always someone taking advantage of every system, so why should this one be any different? But I don't think though that there are many men who are taking low paying jobs for years with a plan to eventually get a divorce and get alimony. I think there are more men who are simply thrilled to find out they could get alimony and then paint themselves as house-husbands or primary child caretakers in order to make it clear they are not just deadbeats who don't earn a lot of money.” (SOBL: men 'take' low paying jobs & their crime is earning less)
Either way, the court often times just doesn’t care. “These women have allowed their husbands to sponge off them for how many years? They really created their own monster and now they want to complain about it,” Gold-Bikin said. “They should have seen it coming.” (SOBL: sponge, ever hear them say that about divorced women?)

Are you fucking kidding me? Reverse the genders. No article would ever portray divorced women as leeches and monsters. None. It would be women needing help because they were denied access to jobs due to the burden of motherhood and being a wife. If you read these articles, you'll see how some men don't take the alimony because they value being independent. Oh men, we have honor. This is a partial win for men, as elimination of alimony would have been a real win.

Massachusetts would be on the cutting edge due to their economy. Education, government work, health care and tourism are pretty huge sectors of the Massachusetts economy, which usually have female overrepresentation. On the man side, Massachusetts has lost wholesaler distribution jobs due to state regulations, and the port of Boston takes in less than Portland, Maine for the same reason. As Mass has lost manufacturing through the years, and has less construction, forestry and mining compared to other states due to its actual state age and development, man friendly jobs are few and far between. A wife out earning her husband is old hat in Massachusetts, and as more masculine jobs get outsourced or beaten down in salary due to illegal immigration competition, this will become more common in the future. It's not like marriage is huge in Mass as it has the lowest average length of marriage for white women between age 18-44 per Sailer's graph. Still, these ladies don't want to pay alimony. If the progressives do truly think that their order and system of power will remain permanently in place, expect more divorce reform for states with liberal alimony laws currently. Yes, the media will use a man paying 30 years of alimony for a 3 year marriage, but behind that poster boy is the true genesis for alimony reform, a manjaw, hyphenated named lawyer.

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