Sunday, March 03, 2013

Indiana Jones - Modern Day Crusades Tales

Roughly a thousand years ago in western Europe, there were situations like this:

A legal or religious authority would sell to young men of some martial capability and spiritual or intellectual desire the idea of going to the Holy Land. They would have to travel far and unite with some oddballs in the desert to recover ancient relics and claim from the Muslim infidels who are loosely in control of the area and scheming to get what truly was Christianity's. This was a Judeo-Christian journey, and one must be pious and respectful of God in the hope's that his will is aligned with your will to succeed.

Roughly a generation ago, there were stories told on big screens that went like this:

American government authorities would ask Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones to use his archaeological wisdom and connections to find coveted relics of mysterious power that may not even exist in the Holy Land. He travels around the world to recover two relics out of the hands of the most evil of opponents, Nazis, who are scheming to get relics of Judeo-Christianity despite hating the Judeo-Christian belief system. Indiana Jones survives his brushes with God and completes his quest by knowing the history of Judeo-Christian religions, being humble in the eyes of God, and showing respect for God.

That is why we love Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade. These are crusades tales set in the modern world with Nazis added as bad guys in place of the Muslims. One is called Last Crusade. The spiritual, intellectual warrior must not just be strong enough but smart enough to reach the treasure. The hero is smart enough to know that the victory is understanding that one serves God, not petty human pursuits. I love Temple of Doom, but I know why Americans prefer the other two films. Temple of Doom invovles the spirituality of the East. We are westerners; the descendants of the survivors and families of the Crusades. Those two call to us.

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