Friday, March 22, 2013

Forget Seasteading. Buy Namibia.

Seasteading sounds cool. Not nearly as cool as the art deco inspired underwater city from Bioshock, but it is cool. A floating hotel of sorts on the high seas, outside of the reach of the law is great. Woohoo, libertarian paradise. Not really. Being on the open ocean can be unsettling for some people no matter how big the vessel. It's also the ultimate refugee idea. You actually are landless.

I say screw this idea. If you truly want to carve out your own location and play Sim City or Sim Nation, escaping the clutches of the awful cathedral, pool your money together and buy Namibia.

Why Namibia? I had to look for a country with a good coastline because white people love the water. Namibia also has a low population of 2 million. Namibia has a shitty economy, so we could technically buy them out pretty easily and if forced to, set up a 'ready made' reservation the size of Rhode Island for the 2 million in Namibia. Buying them out wouldn't be that hard as we could have a large down payment, and then split mineral royalties for existing mines and resources (note: existing). Maybe $5 billion to buy them out add in future royalties, and maybe what a couple billion to set up a "Chinese Ghost Town" for the 2 million people.

Namibia is also in the process of land reform, where they will eventually squeeze out the few white farmers through land confiscation so that the farms go to rot and the country hits rock bottom just like Zimbabwe. We would need a billionaire sponsor, Thiel comes to mind, but with some corporations on board (all corps love a 0% tax rate), this would be doable. A chunk of the money would have to come from us. What would you chip in for freedom? If there is trouble, South Africa could take them in as they have taken in refugees from Zimbabwe. Blackwater, XE, Academi or whatever could be the security force. Namibia also has some deserts that could help with border control. We would want a tight border because running a sparkling nation in that area would entice illegal infiltrators.

Consider this a Free State Project but with balls. Seasteading is already sucking in money from fools and has plenty of entrepreneurs eager to jump in, so what would stop them from doing the same with an actual country? Why waste millions on development of some floating fortress that will most likely have nonstop maintenance issues? Just pool some investor money together, offer no corporate taxes as long as HQ and a chunk of the overall employee count is there, and use great marketing brochures for the sandy beaches that line Namibia's coast to lure in talent.

If we truly live in an age where call centers can be in India and much data entry or IT problem shooting is location independent, could we not lure many employees and companies to move there? Imagine offering people true freedom of thought. It would be a playground out of the mind of Hans-Hermann Hoppe. You could make it a Singapore for traditionalists and reactionaries. Maybe set up that neocameral theoretical state of Moldbug's ramblings. The only point of the country would be providing safety, security and long term viability of the nation state.

Of course we'll need a security presence on a contractual basis. Not a standing army. I would expect many residents to pack enough firepower, and with a careful resident screening process, threat of exile, and lax marijuana laws, police forces would be small. The entire Miami-Dade County region had one night shift sheriff's department car in the 1960s. That one car covered an area roughly the size of Rhode Island (again with RI). The good folks at Blackwater/Academi could have a training grounds out in the deserts of Namibia. In exchange for the desert location, they could provide border security. Something tells me that, for tax purposes and possible future international human rights court protection, Mr. Erik Prince may want to be a resident of our nation. A private military contractor is purely border control and for small skirmish events if any brewed up. We would take care of any giant threats through our R&D and science programs designing a working "Sword of Damocles". Who needs nukes when you have kinetic bombardment? Non-nuclear space weapons have never been outlawed by any supranational body or treaty. Purely defensive measure, but to paraphrase Eisenhower, "You fuck with us in a serious manner, we will retaliate in a massive way".
One thing that is a positive, and keep this in mind, is that we'd have plenty of ideological agents and spies globally to enable us. Similar to the early days of communism, and even today with the progressive, cathedral religion, the ideology can have agents everywhere while still being good old Americans, Canadians or Europeans. It might not hurt to throw the Chinese or Russians a bone for back up. In reality, we'd become a useful thorn for those two nations in the way that they enable North Korea and Iran. Think of how insulting it would be to see maybe one, two, three or five million Americans leave for another region. There is nowhere for us to go, and there lies the trick. The USG would probably prevent any such 'buy out' of Namibia from happening, but rest assured, when nations are facing tough times and the aid stops flowing, the deaths will mount up, and the final thing they will have to sell is land. The Chinese will be there to buy, but so can we.

This isn't the free cities concept that failed miserably in Honduras. Honduras has too little land and too many people. Honduras also had a bit better of an established state. Namibia is a fucking shithole with a 15% HIV/AIDS infection rate. Let them kick out the white farmers, and within 20 years, they'll have no food but plenty of dead AIDS patients in their cities. They may ask for the help themselves. The free cities guys also didn't go in with a ruthless mindset. Bring your Blackwater guys, your money and your willpower. I've mentioned money a bit, but keep this number in mind. If we could get say 500,000, a good-sized American city, to start this Austin in Africa or whatever, $10,000 a piece would be $5 billion. It might be worth it. This new area should be a bastion of freedom of thought and a limited government in every way shape or form, but if you threaten the security of the people, you will be dealt with quickly and with extreme prejudice. Once again, it might be worth it.

Addendum: I forgot my bonus economic part. With the state of technology and how many unemployed bank employees there are in America, London and Zurich today, you could lure them to your nation to reconfigure a banking system set on Austrian principles and reinstating old Swiss Bank secrecy laws that the last 5 years have destroyed. Post suggestions, please. This is like secession without having to deal with the USG directly.


Odds Bodkin said...

Is Seasteading really bringing in lots of investors?

The problem is we don't really have much money, nomsayin?

Other than that, I love this idea.

Anonymous said...

If that would work, you wouldn't need to do it, you could just move to Rhodesia instead. But Rhodesia doesn't exist anymore and you'd be lucky to do that well. Whoever is in charge of your operation is probably no Cecil Rhodes or Ian Smith.

You'd have a western supported rebel army on your doorstep before you were even started and the weight of world opinion against you.

But somehow you're going to master orbital bombardment? It's going to take you years to get the electricity working. The magnitude of the problems here have been underestimated.

Son of Brock Landers said...

All true, comment #2, which is why this has the tag 'crazy theories' on it. The USG couldn't let this happen.

It's not Rhodesia though because I wouldn't keep the natives around. It's buying the land and kicking out the natives or giving them a slice of land fully built.

Anonymous said...

Little late in the game to start the Drakon Empire, no?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nice reference. Yes late, and this is half joking-half serious.

Orthodox said...

Vermont is closer, whiter, demographically favorable and you have a Free State project next door.