Thursday, March 07, 2013

Delusions of American Men: Forget it, Even Porn Stars Get Custody

It's amazing the little nuggets of our modern legal system that one can discover in random places. Family law is a pretty sick place, and many guys in the manosphere will claim the deck is stacked against men in divorce and child custody hearings. Some men say, "No, man, things are changing". I say bullshit. In Guernica mag, an online mag for art and politics, there was an article by Sinnamon Love, black female porn performer, on being a feminist and porn performer. I was looking for analysis of depictions of different races in porn, interracial porn, and whatnot in the current porn industry, and stumbled on her article about making black porn for black female consumers. It is everything you would expect from a liberal, online magazine. The evil white male directors use her and black females in certain ways. Ooooohhhh the big bad boogieman. There are some completely odd things that do not make sense but are shoehorned in to fit the narrative. I'll come back to that in a later post. Instead let us read how her custody battle had an interesting twist.

Even years later, while embroiled in a bitter custody battle, where my decision to work in pornographic movies was a critical issue, I still didn’t consider my fight to be feminist. My angry ex-husband walked into the courtroom holding a VHS box with my image on the cover in a school­girl uniform, accusing me of “portraying a child” in the movie. The black female judge that mediated my divorce and subsequent custody hearing told him that my porn career was irrelevant unless there was evidence that the children were neglected or exposed to porn. Was she a femi­nist? I think the judge was merely following the law, and I was fortunate enough to have gone through the experience in California, where mak­ing porn has been legal since 1988.

Men, you have no shot at getting your kids. This woman was a porn performer and won a custody battle. "Was she a feminist?" The black, female judge was most likely a progressive, and being a progressive means swallowing the progressive ideology whole. Of course her career was irrelevant unless the kids were neglected or exposed to porn. I mean there are no odd side effects that might make you being the primary parent a bit riskier. What other jobs come with a risk of HIV? What other jobs have a high rate of drug addiction? What other jobs have Youtube videos dedicated to the list of their dead? Most comments to that video focused on human trafficking, prostitution, drugs and other bad elements of working in the industry. Of course, her profession should have nothing to do with custody. Sorry guys, but if paid prostitutes can have their profession deemed irrelevant from child custody hearings, what shot do you have getting your kid?

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