Sunday, March 24, 2013

Centerfold Inversion

"Now that anyone who wants one can get a slut, a domestic good girl is the true rarity." - TJIC on Twitter.

First, I saw Marissa Miller in FHM in a series of domestic goddess photos in 2010. Then, I saw other glamour models posed in regular home scenes. I recently saw the Penthouse Pet of the Year photos, and sure enough, Nicole Aniston is posed as a (removed links) domestic goddess at an ironing board and laundry basket. An ironing board is one thing, but a laundry basket? That is just too goddamn prole for my glamour, soft core pornography memories. Whatever happened to a classy yet erotic pictorial? Hooker in the bed, maid in the kitchen is not what I want to see pushed as the fantasy.

I don't recall this in former centerfold pictorials. For an absolute classic, Google Image search Nancie Li Brandi. I no longer have the link to every Playboy centerfold picture, but I do recall the general shots and plenty of pictorials from the past. There were not many, if any, scenes of domestic chores being accomplished. The object of desire in the past was usually a young female in classic male fantasy modes: side piece, sporty young girl, virginal looking girl, naughty girl, etc. The audience was made up of guys not getting laid consistently or married men. I don't know who reads FHM or Penthouse anymore, but what does it say about our society if the fantasy is a hot chick who can iron? You can get the cute girl to sleep with you easy, but can she, or will she, cook you breakfast the next day? Will she clean the house, will you do it or will you live in a pig sty? Can she iron or will you iron all of your shirts? If she can't do any of these things single, how can you ever see her in charge of your home when you are at work as the mother of your children? This is the fantasy, you want it, but just like the Playboy model naked in a softly lit hotel room in 1972, you won't get it.

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Anonymous said...

"you won't get it. "

With modern family courts, anti-male media,anti-family media, and no-fault divorce, that is absolutely true.

The outlets like FHM can sense what men are longing for and that is how they stay in business. They know that deep down, men want a sweet, caring helpmeet, not a "strong, independent" harridan - no matter how much outlets like NBC, CBS, CNN, Gawker, Salon, etc. try to ram Ms. Tough n' Sassy down our throats.

A woman who can cook, clean, and care is always far more beautiful than one with a law degree.