Monday, March 18, 2013

Cathedral Omission: Black Female Drop Out Rate

College. So many see it as the ticket to the good life, that they get hyperfocused on it and don't let their kids breathe. I spent Friday afternoon chatting with a black female coworker about how set her son was going to be as long as she kept him out of trouble. He loves to read (gets called a fag by other blacks for it) and does well in school. She is super involved but worried about problems black men have with getting into college. We're close enough, so I broke it down for her how affirmative action works, how college admissions are a liberal controlled chokepoint, and sadly, the truth that the black male high school completion rate has been at or below 50% for the last decade. There are not enough bodies to even apply to top schools so all schools pounce on any black male talent; this applies to academic scholarships as well. After going home, it got me thinking, why doesn't anyone mention the black female graduation rate? Censorship by omission because it does not fit the liberal narrative. My theory is that the excuses, which can be pinned on the system, whitey and on the lack of male role models, unravel if applied to members of the same race who have an achievement gap.

The Black Boys Report is dedicated to the problem of black male high school completion. The website twists the truth a bit about how the graduation rate has jumped 9 points since 2002 from 43% to 52% in 2011, because in reality it bounced around the mid to high 40s for the entire 2000s. If you are doing the math, that does mean that if you meet a black guy under 30, it is 50-50 odds he finished high school. I couldn't find a single resource that was dedicated to black female graduation rates, but in 2006, it was listed at 59%. Please note that the MTV write up actually mentions some liberal excuses why the high school completion rate might be lower in greater detail than the NY Times blurb. The interesting thing about the Black Boys Report that they have changed their message and website with the liberal talking points. They now include Latino data, AP course enrollment, gifted and talented enrollment and school suspension rates. This is another tool for the cathedral. Browse the site, and it is cathedral all the way down.

A very important tab is the highlighted solutions section. This mentions black male engagement, a black male leadership development institute, school suspension awareness and education red lining. The key sentence in the black male leadership development is:

The condition of Pittsburgh’s African American men and boys is a consequence of both historical and current injustices, including enslavement, structural racism and a narrow definition of black manhood.

Pennsylvania abolished slavery around 1780, and western Pennsylvania did not have a long history of slavery. In these folks' minds, school suspensions aren't due to fighting and acting out. Nope, racism of teachers, who are all evil conservatives, wait a minute. American teachers get the biggest liberal hard on helping a black kid read, so they are not the problem. No problem can ever be about the family structure or culture; it's all whitey and rappers. Even though this foundation admits the problem of drop outs, it still misses those two big reasons why a program spotlighted for black males is focused on engaging them in MALE ways and TEACHING them how to BE A MAN. Could it be illegitimacy and fatherlessness? The illegitimacy rate has been around 70% for over fifteen years, and these teenagers have been lacking positive male role models who do just the basics for masculinity (work, fix things, not be an emotional bitch, be a husband, mow the lawn, be present, change light bulbs). I live in a big metro area. I see the leadership development ads on TV, and yes, they are mostly geared towards blacks (website example). The absent father piece is an issue, but it cannot be everything.

It cannot be everything because black girls have graduation rates well below white boys & girls, hispanic girls and possibly hispanic boys (couldn't find data). Ask the common American, and they'll bemoan how poorly black boys perform in school with no knowledge that black girls are not much better. The media and policy mavens do not bring up black girls underachievement because they have female role models present throughout their lives and are raised in a matrilocal and mostly matrilineal culture. American schools are hyperfeminized environments. Black girls know how to be women from momma, auntie and gramama. Black girls have a wide definition of black womanhood compared to black men (to borrow from above). They have lower suspension rates. They do not need those lame leadership programs, which are just substitute dad programs, yet they still have horrible graduation rates. Black girls also benefit from an education system that caters to female achievement. The overlooked concern, proving the black boy leadership focus is useless, is that the gender gap is for all races. The gender gap is for all, so why specific focus on black boys? If the role model research and programs aren't any special help, then all of those cathedral foot soldiers are out of jobs. Black girls endure the same societal dysfunction yet outperform boys, so the liberals need to avoid discussing the girls' grad rate since the gender gap is there for all races. This cannot be common knowledge or Joe Six Pack goes from pitying the cycle of fatherless boys to "will blacks ever get their act together?".

If the focus is placed on all black students and not just boys, then liberals would be stuck with blaming everything on whitey, which even some white liberals would balk at (not Tumblr progressives). God forbid anyone ever suggest it might be culture and genetic/biological. Blank slatists cannot allow that, and the volunteer thought police would yell racist at either item. Far better for our educators and policy makers to spotlight only boys and throw in the racism bits while not saying it but admitting it through programs that fatherlessness hurts boys especially. That should be applied to all boys, but then we'd have to face the consequences of post-68 female liberation instead of just hating on whitey for societal & historical reason and black absentee fathers for personal reasons. By avoiding tackling the illegitimacy problem at the source and discussing hard truths about the structure of black families or family planning, the dysfunction will continue, white liberals who earn a master's in public policy will still get consultant jobs, and black guys with clean records will be paid as substitute father figures to the sons of the cads who beat them up, picked on them and stole their girlfriends. Enjoy the decline.

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odinslounge said...

An astute observation. That does throw a wrench into the whole controlled narrative of it all.

It reminds me of a commercial I heard on the radio recently for United Way. They wanted volunteers to help kids read, obviously its important but they made it sound like its so easy for you to do so please help. I wondered, if it's so easy why don't their parents do it?