Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cathedral Foot Soldiers: Sexologist Edition

Reading an article on a weekend seminar Yale University had on sexuality, I was prepared to comment on Yale's students, our future leaders, being trained to be sensitive to bestiality. This is the progressive steamroller moving further down the path to make you accept weirder and weirder things as normal. If you read the link, you'll see how the seminar with 55 students was to explain how really deviant behaviors are perfectly normal (incest, S&M, bestiality). Notice how the pro-deviant side describes normies as only engaging in standard missionary position sex. Once again, what is normal is painted in the most boring respect. Bestiality and incest is not normal in the Western world, and this is just expanding permissiveness until we have reached the event horizon. What really got me interested was this young sexologist, Dr. Jill McDevitt. A cute PhD at age 26 speaking to Yale students. I'm not so sure she is a doctor, but I know she is a cathedral foot soldier.

Checking out her twitter and website, she is a fully formed progressive, feminist 20-something. Cosmo has done an article on her. She has a column on, and she holds sexshops at colleges across America. The description of what she does is benign enough "promotion of the idea that sex should be fun, and everyone has the right to enjoy their sexuality without fear of violence", but that doesn't sound like educating people that they should accept and be sensitive to incest and bestiality. She runs a sex boutique with a feminist slant to it. She mentions being sex positive in a sex negative world. Seriously, we live in the most sex positive time on the planet? We are surrounded by sex positive imagery and products! Sounds like she can promote her wares as she holds these sex shops. If she is doing a workshop on the history of vibrators, it makes sense that she'd be discussing new vibrators at the end of it... that she'd just happen to have to sell to you! This is pretty pathetic that she gets this exposure, when it seems like she is a decent looking gal who earned her BA in human sexuality. The cathedral gets to use her to brainwash people about the deviant side of sex as if it is normal. Check her tweets to see how in the middle of her wedding vows she wanted to bitch about Pennsylvania not recognizing same sex marriages. In the middle of her own vows. What happens in nature can be called natural, but it does not make it normal. Homosexuals make up 3.5% of the adult population. It happens in nature, but at 3.5% of the time, would you call it normal? I shouldn't argue with her, she is the doctor.

I am not sold on that. Her twitter doesn't mention her being a doctor. Each article I have seen as well as her byline on is Dr. Jill McDevitt. Her website blasts that she is Dr. Jill McDevitt, yet she got her masters in education for human sexuality. Her about page mentions she got her masters in education in 2010 and started her PhD in 2010, but I don't see a date of completion. I found her on Linkedin and she doesn't have her education on there. She also is just Jill McDevitt. Weird how she doesn't put 'PhD' on Linkedin. Here is something similar to Dr. Jill I do know. Simon + Schuster published my older cousin's parenting book (spiritual "Force" connection with your infant). Just prior to it getting published, she became Dr. Cousin of SOBL. She never was in school. Never left her home. Somehow she became a doctor online, but not through any online university I knew. Her book said Dr. Cousin of SOBL on it, and when Huffpo reviewed it, they mentioned her having a PhD. This Jill McDevitt, whether true PhD or not, gets the "oh she knows her stuff, she's a PhD" credential treatment and has far greater reach in readership and far more presentations at colleges across America than anyone willing to speak on our side because of the cathedral. You and I will be shamed for liking thin, cute and young women while Dr. Jill flies across America telling college students to be sensitive to people who fuck dogs and want to screw their dad. This is negative society. The cathedral knows no limits.


odinslounge said...

Looking at this even more simply, why does anyone need a class on making sex fun or enjoyable?
That pretty much goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: " I shouldn't argue with her, she is the doctor."

My comment: Enough said.

Anonymous said...

"My comment: Enough said"