Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyond Adria Richards, It's the Lawyers

Yes, Adria Richards is a fucktwit who was a technology evangelist hired solely because she would represent tech firms and whatnot at tech conferences and was exactly opposite of what everyone would expect, "Oh wow, a blackish looking woman is speaking about tech. How intriguing!". She is a hypersensitive shit who cost a guy his job and then got fired because her PC warrior badge needed shining. Still, she is just a symptom of the problem. Her shaming had value to her and to someone else. Follow the money, because this is America, and there's always a pay off. It's the fucking lawyers.

1. Lawyers are the jerks who take any harassment claim to court and get a cut of awards from juries.
2. Lawyers are some of the biggest political donors in all of America. They may not match the FIRE economy, but versus those bits on their own, Lawyers come out high. They donate the money to make laws that require their interference, services and consultation to generate income.
3. They make up many of our politicians, civil service employees and gophers in DC who write the laws and codify the insane academic papers into federal and state law.

The anti-patriarchy theory of socialist feminism is just the female focused tentacle of socialism. The goal is to destroy the family bonds so that the state has no one in between it and women. These academics created their theories of oppression and fear as it pertained to the workplace, partly based on real issues of harassment and power, but extrapolated beyond belief to not just be actual harassment of an individual but any words or actions that might cause an uncomfortable work environment. This wouldn't add up to anything if there had not already been court cases decided by our wonderful activist courts that awarded megabucks to individual women and class action lawsuits for women (this applies to any oppressed group). A judge awarded someone cash. A jury awarded someone cash. Companies started to settle out of court. Companies started to take no chances. Companies do not like refunding customers after a set date, what makes you think they like wasting money in court or out of court on BS issues like this? That is why so many companies have zero tolerance rules for harassment now.

Stop me if you've heard this one: hot chick at work starts emailing you weird stuff, and you think 'oh no, I better save these emails in a separate folder in case anything happens because they'll just fire me in a he said-she said'? I know a guy suspended for a week without pay for licking his lips, making a woman feel uncomfortable. Yes, America lost its way and didn't stand up to these shits decades ago when they should have. It's not their fault. Someone probably did and their company got their ass handed to them in court. Pycon fired that guy for making a passing remark to a friend because our legal system has a stranglehold on much of American business. Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism posts on this issue. If you want, I can show you life insurance exclusions that have to spell out autoerotic asphyxiation because yes, the company lost a case in court over that. They have infected every element of American society. Adria Richards is a little turd, but she, like millions of others, is just a wind up toy for the lawyers of America. You want to reboot the system? You want to get rid of the politicians? Save plenty of room at the bottom of the ocean for a majority of the lawyers in America.

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