Monday, March 11, 2013

A Law of Immigration

The flow of government encouraged immigration will always be from a crappier country to a better country for the sole reason of: he who moves up in living standards not on ability but by gift will be beholden to the person who makes it possible.

Immigration serves the purpose of the left government bureaucracy by providing new voters who are dependent on their decisions and regulations to exist. Immigration also keeps wages down for those business minded folks who tend to vote the other way. The true 1% can keep their gains as long as they align with the party that pays out the crumbs to the underclass. Win-win for the elite. HBD Chick had tweeted a link about Poland's need for immigration, not too many weeks after noticing Sweden is sending young, unemployed Swedes to Norway while simultaneously continuing to import Muslims from the Middle East. This makes no sense from a population perspective. It's shuffling natives out for tough to assimilate and usually poorer performing foreigners. Why did the Poles go to the rest of the EU and UK as "Polish Plumbers", requiring Poland to import others?

An even scarier newsflash is that Ecuador has started to take in immigrants from Muslim nations and sub-Sahara Africa. Seriously, why does Ecuador need cheaper labor? Once again, crappier country to a better country, even though Ecuador is crappy. Cheap labour for more developed countries, and with birthright citizenship, potentially dependents not for state benefits, but just for the opportunity at a cushier living. The home country exchanges a population that might become disgruntled over not getting economic advancement or their share of the pie (rising income inequality right as we import millions of Mexicans) for a new population that will work for less because it's more than back home but won't raise any type of stink because they are just grateful to be there. Why do you think the Brits have imported so many doctors? Cheap labor from foreigners and a much better living standard means they won't bitch if they aren't making big bucks like US doctors.

Those immigrants, whether holding a green card or whatever, know that if things get bad enough, the natives might pull the entire rug out from under them. That is why Muslims in France vote for the Socialists and Mexicans in America vote for Democrats (partly, as they come from a Leninist government). The prior paragraph is all one needs to say about the left's motivations for supporting open borders in any western nation.

Problem is that I don't think the rug can be pulled out from under immigrants in our current political and media environment. This is why unchecked immigration in our PC world becomes a horrible game. No way could the US pass immigration acts like the '20s anymore. No way would it be allowed to be floated out as acceptable. Just as a single girl worried about losing free health care, cheap birth control pills, abortion and some weird concept that the GOP is somehow for rape, immigrants get scared into fearing the loss of their benefits: being here. I chatted with Indian IT guys with green cards, arranged marriages and anchor babies who were scared shitless that Romney would send them back to India if elected. If only!

That is how the cathedral scares that element of their coalition of victims into showing up at the polls and voting. I'll give Europe credit that at least they have conversations on reducing or eliminating it, while the US has the same conversation of non-suicidal politicians on the right asking to stop it, normal people asking to stop it, but the media and the left hurl accusations of racism and end the debate.

The left also thinks they can control the game because they have a horribly materialistic view of the world that people are interchangeable, forgetting that when things reach certain points, power comes from the raw forces of violence, and they truly have lost sight of the long term. "We'll coach them up with our squad of social workers and teachers!" It's a cheap way to keep the heat off the small class that now holds a majority of wealth in America by substituting a class of 2nd or 3rd world citizens just glad to be here for a native class that asks, "where's my American Dream? why do you control so much money?". Go all in: the left is the party of societal decline.


eg said...

You say the "left" benefits from immigration. Lately in Canada recent immigrants have been useful in cementing Steven Harper's grip on suburban ridings.

Just sayin' ...

Son of Brock Landers said...

Good point. I looked at the Canadian exit polls. Conservatives did pick up surprisingly outperform with the immigrant vote, and it was mostly folks who had been in Canada for longer than a decade. Muslims still supported the Liberals by a wide margin.

and how did they do it?

money quote: "convince the specific ethnic communities that the governing party is on their side".