Friday, February 08, 2013

To Consider Barack Obama Objectively....

To look at someone objectively is a bit of a bullshit idea. US Weekly has those entertaining yet silly features like "Who Wore It Better", where women (and gay men) vote online on what female celeb wore an outfit better, but you know sometimes that female psychology and even just the actual celeb affects the voting. Viewing political figures is no different. I like to get into why a politician runs or makes decisions. What makes a person want to climb, not just now but in older eras? No one can give you a fair view of a politician because of the political bias, historical bias or just moment in time bias. Barack Obama is an interesting figure because being half black genetically adds an extra bias to it. Not racism (I'd say conservatives are more objective on the race angle) as much as "I don't wanna be called a racist" feelings by independents and liberals. There is also the Saint Obama propaganda we get. You have to trick a person and use a hypothetical to get them to look at him objectively I did this recently by asking a woman who was discussing the fragility of guys abandoned by their moms. I will post the exact exchange as it was online, so no miscommunication is involved.

Me: If you think men abandoned by their moms are fragile, what about men who are born of single moms, never know their father, but then after their mom remarries and has a child with the new husband abandons the son to be raised by other family members?

Lady: i’m not sure i’ve encountered enough people with this particular dynamic to construct an archetype of such a person and what those concomitant issues would be, other than to say pretty fucked, i guess.

Of course she hasn't encountered this enough since it is so unique. So yes, our president as a young man was probably "pretty fucked", add in racial identity issues + a stepfather/grandparents raising him who look nothing like him, and I'd say extra fucked. Did he go to therapy? Unknown. Does he have a problem forming friendships? Yes. Could he coast all his life by being the smart, black guy? Yes. Did he flounder in life, not publish scholarly articles despite it being his job, get lost in the Illinois State Senate and only enjoy writing books about himself? Yes. Did he ever have a job that wasn't academia or handed to him by rich or connected white folks for being a smart, black guy? No. Is he a loner and very beta to the point where the only bit that is alpha about him is the office he holds? Yes. Deep down inside, why did he run for the presidency?

Would anyone, man or woman, ever in a million years answer like the above woman if you asked them about that same childhood with the extra racial wrinkles and said "Barack Obama"? No.


PRCD said...

If voters can't look at a candidates family pedigree - the most basic thing one might want to consider - I guess our civilization is ovah.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Psychobiographers are going to have a field day with Obama. They spent decades analyzing Nixon, so if they want to make a splash and not just whip a dead horse, they will review Obama.