Thursday, February 14, 2013

Theory on the .70 Ratio Preference - Hendricks Trimester

Physical attraction should not be the sole foundation to a relationship. It is however part of the foundation to a relationship. There has to be something pleasing to the eye to inspire a man to approach a woman or a woman to respond to a man. Despite Hollywood, feminists and the fashion industry's attempts to brainwash men otherwise, men still love that .70 waist to hip ratio. Science has shown that even blind men prefer it, and this preference cuts across all cultural lines. The .70 ratio allows someone like Christina Hendricks to be most likely 180 lbs on a scale but still attractive in the eyes of men. The linked article mentions that evo-psychologists suggest it is a signal for a woman being more fertile. My theory is that the .70 waist to hip ratio is a non-pregnancy state that mirrors the Hendricks Trimester phase of a woman's pregnancy, triggering our biological imperative to have sex with women to reproduce and continue our genetic line.

My Viking genes are stirring.

The Hendricks Trimester is that period of a woman's pregnancy where her breasts and rear end get that hormone boost and expand but the rest of her body does not (especially the waist). This might be why you have seen formerly skinny or not curvy women look great when first pregnant, move up a cup size or magically develop an ass. It is a short span of time, lasting no more than three months, hence the name Hendricks Trimester, but it is a glorious three months. Through the ages, men witnessed countless women carry children. Men most likely saw that Hendricks Trimester look on plenty of women. Men who did not learn that the .70 ratio was good for child bearing had their lines die out. Others learned and had healthy children and wives. Others also learned that those curves feel great to the touch as well as mark the start of new life. Through evolution, the selfish genes wishing to procreate would realize that a woman looking in the Hendricksian way would soon give birth to a  child. This cue was a sign that women who appeared that way had kids, therefore your genes passed on. New life is what matters. Our genes will drive us to procreate. Some men just need a visual cue. It's not the signal that the woman has good child bearing hips. It is that she looks like women newly pregnant who have just a bit of that extra jit that looks great. Men want an heir. Men see the .70 ratio in the wild, and the brain signals to our balls that this is a Hendricks Trimester cue. Approach!

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