Sunday, February 03, 2013

Quick Super Bowl Bets

Sports analysts and writers mention this being a weird match-up. It's because they are idiots. Baltimore and San Fran were both on the short list for Super Bowl contenders. Baltimore had some injuries that made their defense play worse during the middle of the year. The 49ers had some odd play against division opponents as they figured out how Kapernick would fit into the offense. Each had been to the conference championships the year before. Each had a weird play prevent this match up from being a rerun (Lee Evans dropped TD/SF muffed punt). These are good teams that are skilled on both sides of the ball. San Fran is favored by 3.5. I don't bet on sports anymore, but I recall fondly the days of the prop bet sheet for a Super Bowl. The prop bet sheet is an awesome way to lose money, but if you wager along with how you feel the game will go and hit it right, you can have a huge payday. My student loans were paid off early by the Tampa Bay rout of the Raiders. God bless you Buc defense + Derrick Brooks.

My pick: Ravens win - One way to play this, if you're a bit nervous that they'll lose a tight game, would be to bet on the Ravens with the points smaller than normal, and bang the Ravens moneyline. You can be specific and bet Ravens by a margin of victory of 1-6.

Enticing prop bets: $20 each on Anquan Boldin, Ray Lewis or Ed Reed to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Boldin has been huge in each playoff game, so a narrative is there, which we know journalists love. Lewis and Reed are linked to that defense, which will have to come up big if they stop the seemingly unstoppable int he playoffs 49ers offense. Defensive players do not win it often, so I'd pick their captain, who has a sentimental narrative going, and then the ball hawking safety who seems to always come up with an INT in the playoffs. Reed is near retirement as well, so I can see that being a journalist alternative defensive pick for the journos who harbor ill feelings towards Lewis.

Enjoy the game and time with friends and family.

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