Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Review: Vampire of the Continent

Moldbug references Vampire of the Continent and Foseti reviewed and recommended it. I'll spare you. If your teachers and professors didn't already give you a balanced view of the causes of WW1, read it to see the German thought process and point of view. If you had well rounded profs for British and modern European history classes, you already know much of what is written here. This is because the modern phenomenon of American teachers tearing the British Empire a new arsehole wherever possible as they strive to revise everything that happened prior to their mindset's ascendancy.

1. British foreign policy was focused on securing maritime rights, knocking out colonial rivals and preventing any single nation from dominating the continent so that England could maintain their maritime power and presence globally, without having to be on guard for an invasion from the continent.

2. Germany was smart enough to see the pattern of British behavior to the point where this propaganda book was written and published globally, yet they were dumb enough to think the Brits would stay out of WW1 or even side with them. In their defense, the Brits were extremely reluctant to commit ground troops at all, and hemmed and hawed right up until zero hour.

WW1 was the war that shaped the 20th century. I've blogged on this before because we still live with the unintended consequences today. Damn you "Sealed Train"!

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