Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kaplan's Grandson: Pinterested in Your Wife

New money becomes old money just by keeping it. The old money finds a way to reach odd places in the future. Stanley Kaplan made a boatload of money off of Jewish insecurity and feelings of oppression for that ticket to the Ivy League that they rightfully deserved but were denied by those damn WASPs. Kaplan turned test prep into a nice business and eventually sold it for $45 million in the mid-'80s. Besides career earnings for his brood, that is a nice payoff for building a test prep empire. You may never have taken a Kaplan course, and you may never send your kid to one, but Mr. Kaplan's family has an eye on you. They probably have an eye on your wife, daughter, nice and grandma. Kaplan's grandson, Scott Belsky, is one of the angel investors and a board adviser for Pinterest.

Old man Kaplan couldn't get into an Ivy, but once you are rich enough, anyone you want to push in, will get into one. He attended Cornell and eventually Harvard's MBA program. His wikipedia entry makes no mention of his famous grandpa, which is a bit comical for those who knew him in college. The little douche went by Scott Kaplan Belsky, and if you went to college in western Mass or NY, you may have seen Kaplan stickers slapped on toll booths on I-90 or I-88. That was Belsky's contribution to pimping the family business. Belsky was always trading on the Kaplan name, like students gave a crap, but the school did. Belsky was also a member of the secret society Quill and Dagger because he was such a cool guy, oh no wait, it was because he was a rich kid with a hooked up family. Belsky was an annoying little shit (slight build), he was not bad looking when his face was motionless but when he smiled his face pulled back into a gargoyle look, and yeah, he was single. He even whined to us one night about why he didn't have many girlfriends to which slightly drunk we said "Your not rich enough to cover". He had no game.

He's written a book on Internet 2.0 style crap, which was a business bestseller. How much the family had to pay for that, we'll never know. Belsky receives some praise from the press, but really, what is his contribution to the economy? He was an investor for Pinterest. Pinterest rots the brains of American women (and gay or SWPL men) on social media where they pin whatever for anything kind of like monkeys in a lab hitting buttons for treats I suppose. The zombiefication of modern women wouldn't be complete without him. He also founded Behance. Behance is a platform for artists to showcase work and have buyers or other parties view it and make connections. He created an environment where his company is a gatekeeper. A peddler of other's work. He's just being a normal market guy who provides a place and takes his cut (reinforcing an old stereotype). Belsky is also a fan of crowdsourcing, which is using original ideas or collecting the ideas of many people to accomplish your goal, so basically being a derivative, unoriginal lazy douche. In his presentations on tech + creativity, does he just peddle more drivel that is a cross between Tony Robbins + Bill Gates?

He's had some success, and good old CU still praises him so he can kick back money in donations. The question is: how many nights does he wake up sweating because he knows he wouldn't be anywhere without grandpa's name? Better question might be: does he realize he's nothing without grandpa's name or is he blissfully ignorant? That is a question for all children of the well connected and rich. His family is loaded, so he's got nothing to worry about, and if Pinterest goes public before the great financial reset, he'll make his own money. At least, he can tell himself that. Wealth earned off the brainwashing and peddling of drivel to Faceborg using women. He represents the legacy/rich kid side of the Ivy split of normal smart kids vs. legacy/rich kid/connected smart kids. For small town kids like me going to college (a lesser Ivy) with him, we'd think, "With all your family's money, and all your grandfather's connections, you couldn't get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale?" That thought was usually accompanied by a look that was a mix of contempt and disgust. I'd still use that look today if I ran into him.


DCThrowback said...

Fun read. The lattices of coincidence are always fun to pull out to see where they lead.


Anonymous said...

i knew him in college. while he was not a cool guy, neither was your typical cornell student. what is the ulterior motive for this post? it reeks of bitterness and jealousy. belsky has not achieved "some success," he has achieved tremendous success. sure, coming from a rich family might make the fruit hang lower by providing greater access to key resources, but it did not by itself give him the idea for Behance, or drive it to such a success that it was acquired by adobe for $150M.

Son of Brock Landers said...

This is part of my unofficial series on the wealthy and connected continuing their wealth and success. I have other posts if you care to search on how the top tier keep things going with their kids.