Monday, February 25, 2013

Illegitimacy Number Retouched

Illegitimacy is one of the plagues that contribute to our civilization's decline. Politicians skirt the issue and others make lame excuses for it. It is a rising problem, and recent trends have become worse. Our elite have begun to take note of it with even the NY Times getting in on the action. Never tsk tsking the women, but blaming the men and mentioning marriage as a new class divide. Remember, we cannot restrain women's sexuality in any manner or ask them to be accountable at all. Big daddy government will be there to back her up with taxpayer money. A recent article in a Catholic newsletter got me thinking. Is abortion masking the numbers?

Abortion isn't a huge issue in white birth numbers, it is marginal for Hispanics and Asians, but the black abortion rate far outstrips their percentage of the population (40% vs. 12.5%) and the rate is far higher than white abortions. We should not be surprised that this all goes back to higher rates of unintended pregnancies. There is a statistic that 83% of all abortions are to single women. Some websites claim 40% of black pregnancies end in abortion, while others say 48%. Now if I do some rough, simple assumption based math and split the difference, that means 83% of the black abortions are to single ladies while 72% of live births are to single moms. Adding them up, I get an illegitimacy pregnancy rate of 77%. If the black abortion rate is 48% of all pregnancies, then we are approaching 80% for the number of black pregnancies are illegitimate. I don't know how a culture survives that.

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