Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun With HBD: Racial Differences in Women's Asses

Human biodiversity (HBD) so often is used in blog posts to explain the important or serious stuff, but it has applications in the superficial world, too.  Can't we lighten up occasionally in our societal decline to apply science to something fun. Spend a month watching twitter trends and clicking on the odd race ones and the phrase "white women got no booty" will pop up eventually. My observations of the female form lead me to believe that there are a lot of white women with fantastic asses. Like many things for people who perceive to be at a disadvantage in general, if insecure or threatened black women consider this their edge, they will mention it at every turn. My tumblr feed displays thousands of white women with great asses. Tumblr's slogan should be "the safest way to view porn without leaving a browser history trail". What's the secret? It is possible, but difficult to buy a rear end. Some idiots say a person needs to eat 'good fats', but really it comes down to squats or yoga.... and then genetics. A woman's pelvis tells the story.

If two women of the same height have the same muscle and fat mass on their legs, they should have the same bottom, right? Wrong. How wide is each woman's pelvis? A woman with a narrower pelvis will have a narrower area to place the same muscle and fat as the other woman, which creates the pop that a cute booty has. The mass cannot go left or right, it must jut out. What does science say? Black women have narrower pevlic inlets and outlets than white women. Narrower pelvis + same mass = bootylicious. Case closed. With my amateur eye, I would say that there is something different about the look of a cute booty on a black girl vs. a white girl. Black girls with nice asses seem to start with mass higher on the ass curve (where the lower back meets the cheeks) than white girls. Side note: on the internet, a white woman with a booty is referred to as "whooty" or a "pawg". I love women who are slender with curves in the right places, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Life is a bit cruel. The gifts we receive often have a negative side effect. Narrower pelvises are found more often in black women, and so are higher rates of death from childbirth. A narrow pelvis is a risk factor. Obesity doesn't help, but a girls got to keep her extra somethin'-somethin'.

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asdf said...

One thing I gotta say about black girls is they got the cushion and it feels fine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fun post. Have you seen any studies comparing pelvis sizes of whites, Asians and blacks?

Or do you know whether Asians have wider pelvises than the other two?

-Anonymous Johnson

Anonymous said...

I like *wide* hips rather than big butts so white women are best for me.

Anonymous said...

The problem is when that black ass looks like a bag full of potatoes, which they so often do. And the high ass of black women is more reminiscent of a man's ass.