Sunday, February 17, 2013

Evidence of Declining Western Societal Willpower

Hawley Harvey Crippen murdered his wife in England in 1910. Evidence was mostly his affair with a cute girl, dumb behavior after his wife's disappearance, and then a body the authorities found in the basement that the prosecution showed having some groove that resembled a stomach scar his wife had. DNA analysis has since thrown the murder conviction into doubt. He was tried and convicted in October of 1910 and executed on November 23rd, 1910. 30 days.

Lawrence "Pliers" Bittaker engaged in raping, torturing, kidnapping and murdering several young women over several months in 1979 and was convicted and sentenced to death in California in 1981. The evidence was conclusive and his partner in crime struck a plea deal (life sentence) to testify against him. He still remains on death row and answers his fan mail by signing with his nickname "Pliers". 30 years and counting.

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PRCD said...

You can think of societies that can't deal with capital offenders like individuals who can't take a bath. Generally, it's a sign that much more is wrong but generally you avoid such people altogether.