Saturday, February 02, 2013

Delusions of American Women - Burlesque Dance Classes

What are the depth and breadth of the delusions of middle aged, American women? I recently ranted about boudoir photography, but that was on American gals in general. Middle aged American women are the Gen X crowd and later Boomers. They've kept our divorce statistics around the 40% mark, pumped up the illegitimacy rate, and in the last 15 years, chunked out to obese proportions. In short, they have cut all ties to what women in the past did, acted and presented themselves. They have a new way to separate themselves from women of the oppressed past. It's not stripper aerobics, which is stripping classes with the phony front of a work out. They can take burlesque dance classes and dance like paid whores for fun (Faceborg page with many photos + videos here). If they are lucky, a low rent bar will allow them to perform and give them the thrill of thinking that people pay to see them shake their asses like sexy bitches. They are delusional about their sex appeal and the market for their dancing.


The local news rag, a subsidiary of the NY Times, approves of this. Gannett owned Indy Star approves and glorifies it in Indianapolis. Note that the common message is that no matter the size or age, a woman can be sexy. It's true about age, not size. There are legitimate women over 40 who look attractive, but dressing like a classy French chick is a better move than wearing stripper outfits. My biggest objection to moms across America playing the 'I'm still sexy game' is when they shop at the same stores as their daughters. Dress age appropriate. If you're truly sexy, men will notice. Dressing in whore outfits when you are older isn't sexy. It's pathetic. The Faceborg page has a post on 'rules for class'. Rules posted are everyone is sexy, be yourself, when in doubt touch yourself, and other hypersexualized comments and affirmations that no matter what, a lady is sexy. This is not burlesque, which is a variety act. This is soft core stripping.

I'm not asking. I'm telling you to go to their video page and watch some 20-30 second videos. You may never hear the song "Grind on Me" the same again. These studios don't really teach dance. They teach slut strutting, chair humping and body touching. A women can't use this dance elsewhere, and is it really development? It's an outlet for sexual feelings that they can't get at home. It's a way to feel sexy still. It's a way to pretend to be a sexual object. Like boudoir photography, please find them sexy, please do so, that's all that matters. If these chubsters think touching themselves while dancing makes them sexy, then we have a new level of delusion. This is why I think immersive VR will win over sex robots. People don't want a fantasy partner for a fantasy situation as much as they want to be a fantasy self in a fantasy situation of their making.

In the photo above, the woman in the shiny red jacket used to manage and teach at the best dance studio in Maine. She left that for this. She also, roughly 20 years ago, did a chair dance for a youth dance studio recital. I remember because my sister was at that studio taking ballet and tap at age 11. Every family in attendance wondered what the hell was wrong with that teenager and why the studio let her perform that dance (I was 13. I did't mind). Twenty years and forty pounds later, she's still doing chair dances and strutting like a stripper. This is not empowering. Like 50 Shades of Grey, boudoir photography and lower minimum requirements for having sex, it is another sign of the delusions and devolution of American women.

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