Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-Male Propaganda​: Boomer Dating + Shaming

Boomers can never just walk the beaten path. Everything they touch and do must be different from their parents' generation. Marriage, college, work, parenting, everything has been altered when Boomers enter the realm. Eventually, they'll try this with beating the Grim Reaper. They will fail. Boomers made a mockery of the institution of marriage, and as they reach late middle age and elderly status*, they are dating differently. Our cultural taste makers have noticed a pattern to the dating and are offering advice and shaming men. Taken in combination with all the lonely, greying feminist articles of the last few years, this little blurb, "Why Boomer Women are Perfect for Boomer Men", is a nice propaganda article trying to guide Boomer men towards Boomer women and shame them from chasing younger women (thanks grerp). This is anti-male freedom propaganda that would never be levelled at a mirror image of Boomer men: women under 32.
This article uses a Boomer male to shame men out of chasing hot sex with younger ladies because, in his words, "Great sex stems from the heart, not the head". This writer harps on the idea of an emotional and mental connection. There is much to be gained from that, but what if some Boomer men don't give a shit about that? These guys might just want to pop a blue pill and have a fun, sex filled Friday night. What if some have been burned by divorce and only want a quick hit? Men have routinely been considered the gender afraid to commit, so they may not value a long term relationship at all after their family man years are done. What if they are saying to women, "we don't need your mental baggage, just put out?" They can get away with it because the numbers game is in their favor now (see Dalrock graphs), and sex outside of marriage is the norm. They don't need to commit to get what they want, and they now have the male to female ratio in their favor. These middle aged (or elderly) men also have a generation of Gen-X women who possibly are children of divorce or have daddy issues and might be up for casual relationships with older men to partner with. These women are also modern gals who don't mind being used for sex because they can rationalize it as it's what they want. The author also mentions that Boomer women state these men don't meet their basic needs, which he refutes, but he never lists what the women say are basic needs. Anyone want to wager that list is reasonable for men over 50? Anyone want to guess if we'll see this same column for cute, single women under 32? No takers, I thought so.
Is it a fair comparison? These Boomer men are described by the author as:
trying, but mostly failing, to extend their casual sex years beyond their physical capabilities....aren't interested in relationships, but rather that there are so many more choices for men than women, particularly online, that a man can easily become like a kid in a candy store with a bag of dimes, wanting to sample every sweet
There are more options, they are afraid to commit, they are reaching for alphas, disdaining betas, trying to extend their casual sex years, and are not pairing up with the 'smart choices' that are better fits for them. Did I describe a Boomer man or cute single Millennial? Due to the quirk of desirable traits and the pure single male to female ratio, Boomer men are just the mirror image of women under 32 (32 is when the white male/female ratio tips in men's favor). This article is shaming men about their dating choices, but they are exhibiting the exact same behavior of cute, single Millennial gals. It is worse for women due to pair bonding effects, single motherhood (Boomers aren't banging fertile partners) and the reproductive window issue, yet Huffpo is shooting out an article shaming a group sitting in the catbird seat from exercising their sexual freedom. Look at the share box: this article has hundreds of likes, digs, etc. and a huge platform to broadcast the message. Imagine the power to influence the lib crowd, the intended target, if Huffpo said to women under 32, "Get off the cock carousel and marry a good guy", Jezebel and the flabby feminists would be shouting slut shaming.
I'll admit, I do think Boomers are perfect for each other because I despise many of their behaviors. That is not the point though. This is male slut shaming and an attempt to restrict the sexual freedom of adult men. This is, "Boys, stop banging who you want to bang and shack up with that Boomer gal who was a crow all her life and is lonely now". It is their choice. They will live with the consequences. It is far less damaging to society as a whole if a sliver of Boomer men are trying to chase whom they desire, alpha women, compared to Millennial women in their prime fertility years doing the exact same thing. Sexual freedom is sexual freedom, and should be allowed for both genders in modern America, right? Isn't that what feminists fought for? Live with the consequences. In thirty years, I'll probably be reading articles aimed at me, Millennial male, to take on some lonely, cast off carousel rider as a second wife. I only ask for tattoo removal first. I'd expect this article from a woman, but Huffpo, like many modern media outlets, chose to use a Boomer male to add authenticity to their article. They selected one who may as well be a traitor. Here's his book, that can be summed up as "Men, Stop Sucking". The Turks created and used janissaries. The progressive cathedral is no different of a ruling order.
* I split life into 20 year periods: youth 0-20, young adult hood 20-40, middle age, 40-60, elderly 60+. Shut up Boomers, if you need hip replacements at higher rates and your risk for cancer and heart attack slopes up dramatically, you are elderly.


odinslounge said...

I love how the free love and independence generation can't help but tell everyone else what they should do. Good thing they changed those oppressive institutions that didn't let people have choices.

Anonymous said...

Nice hamsterism in the highest rated comment: doesn't bother me if a man chooses a younger woman over me because he wouldn't be the kind of guy I'd like to be with anyway! Our priorities are different. It's just weeding them out of my dating pool, which is great!

Son of Brock Landers said...

The comments on the Huffpo article are a goldmine of Boomer hamsterism. There is one red pill sounding guy who kept needling the in denial Boomers.

Yes, Drama, very appropriate comment. Boomers are so hypocritical that it makes me sick to think they will be the elder statesmen of the nation soon.