Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Predictions For Women, Sex + Entertainment

Oh gosh the SWPL women are excited! Downton Abbey is back on Masterpiece!!!!! A soap opera plus a period piece without any minorities that they have to pretend to like, OMG!!!!!!! Jesting aside, Downton gets big thumbs up from the non-SWPL viewers I know. Can we see anything in the near future that may show up on HBO, the movie theaters or even an e-book that they can say they love having as an e-book so no one will know they read it but they broadcast that on their Faceborg feed? The seeds are there, but here's two predictions, vagina centric, for the entertainment world and sex.

1. There will be a book, tv show or movie that will be an erotic Victorian era period piece. If the SWPLs are jumping on the Victorian era thing, TIME mag is citing steampunk as a possible fad, and Downton Abbey is rocking the tv screens, at the same time that 50 Shades dominates book sales, this will happen. Of course, I have a movie or book idea outlined.

2. The 'new thing' that will spread wide in 7-10 years for women under 30 will be S&M. While black guys have been shown as the cool guy in Hollywood for decades, the interracial romance was slower to develop. Purely anecdotal, but it seemd 10-15 years ago, it was the cool, new thing that hit the mainstream to date a black guy. This was more frequent than girls having a girlfriend or hooking up with female friends. MTV and other media outlets geared towards youngsters pushed the lesbian, bisexual and experimentation thing through the mid-90s up to today. The having a girlfriend or declaring bisexuality openly seems to be the cool, new thing mainstream now. If 50 Shades has sold millions and the piggyback media is discussing the idea of adding some soft S&M to spice up one's sex life, some level of S&M will be the cool, new thing for young women that goes mainstream.


Anonymous said...

I hope S&M catches on, I've been waiting years to act out my fantasies in a legal way, lol. But then again, the type of S&M these chicks dig is too much topping from the bottom.

odinslounge said...

All it takes is a little social approval and everything is just peachy. But don't worry their still individuals. Wise, mature, knowledge seeking individuals.

Still I can claim hipster status on this one. I was in Ukraine last year and went to the Masoch cafe in Lviv where I was whipped by the waitress. Yeah I did S&M before it was cool.