Sunday, January 06, 2013

"Still Not Asking For It" - Why Dialogue is Impossible

Popping up on my Faceborg feed have been reposts by domesticated LUGs and BUGs, who now have a working husband and maybe one kid, that are a variation of the topless chick protesting that she's topless but "still not asking for it" from the Chicago Slutwalk of 2012 (picture here). Often the repost is from a tumblr called "STFU, Conservatives" about the theme that no matter what a girl wears, she ain't asking for it you evil conservatives. Liberals love to claim that their views are nuanced or that they are open to discussion, we know this is false. For their love of nuance, they can't see the merit to what the cop in Toronto was getting at when he gave a warning about dress style when walking the streets of Toronto. No one asks for it. Rape is the doing of the criminal. The cop was trying to make women aware of their situation because not every situation is full of wonderful, rational thinking gentlemen.

The entire slutwalk idea was pretty funny to observe. The heart of the protest was not about rape but about protesting the idea that maybe women need to have situational awareness when going out at night. A nuanced view of the cop's statement would be that no one asks for it, but there are neighborhoods and areas where walking alone with skimpy clothing will act as a flashing, neon sign for criminals who look for victims. The lack of nuance shows how the libs and the NY Times crowd only want to use things when it benefits them. These are the same people who bemoan the fact that not enough books have minority faces to inspire minority kids to want to read them. The Times and libs think visual cues can incite action for book reading, but deny that visual cues can incite the same animal (man) to assaulting a woman.

Here is the monster behind this mask and a true test. Here's another picture of this same girl with a fellow protest chick (who is cuter + clothed). Sign says "Just Another Radical Marxist for Women's Liberation". That tentacle of socialism is alive and well. What more does the left want? What more is there to liberate? Abortion, birth control, family courts skewed in their favor, no fault divorce, gender AA, sexual harassment laws that create legal proceedings for any small remark, what is left? This was a nice GOTV ploy for the Dems in 2012. The real test is not this woman walking around topless but not truly topless, even though women can bare their breasts in public. She's not even going full on protesting. Look at the first photo again: she's surrounded by women, and SWPL men, with a police presence most likely. Ohhhh, how daring. Let's see her do this elsewhere. It's in Chicago, so you think she'd walk around the South Side like that? Of course not. That would be dangerous. There is a lot of crime on the South Side. That just reinforces the Toronto cop's point. It also shows how fake the protest and her act is.

It's also phony due to her profile. This woman is most likely an educated white gal of the SWPL type. I've got a strong feeling the profile fo rape victims doesn't match up with overeducated SWPL women. I had a discussion with my rape advocate cousin about the slutwalk concept. Of course, no woman should leave her house and be raped. We don't live in that magical world though. We live in the world of anarcho-tyranny where rapists can plea down to criminal confinement at age 18 and be out by age 21. That is the doing of district attorneys, usually Democrats, who can't consider the thought of 'losing' a trial and having a loss on their record. They won't prosecute at trial for rape, but they'll get that guilty plea for a lesser charge and 'spare' the victim from testifying, but the trade off is the rapist is back on the streets in less than 5 years still in peak testosterone years. Since we do not live in la-la land, the situational awareness of not dressing like a hooker and walking alone at night in a major metro area is useful. The cop made the mistake of applying the real life visual instead of using a fancy phrase that conveyed the same message. His crime was daring to make women cognizant of the image they, young, modern Western women, broadcast to the world. The world is a dangerous place, but we can't even talk about it because of the unpleasant truths that it would reveal about the policies, the beliefs and certain voting blocs of the left.

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peterike said...

So ridiculous. Well you know, if I decide to pump gas into my car while simultaneously holding an active blow torch, I'm not "asking for" the explosion that may follow, but I sure am making it a lot more likely.

This all goes back to the core fact that Liberalism isn't an ideology or a coherent political philosophy. It's merely an adolescent emotional posture. As such, it can happily contradict itself or veer deeply into the illogical, because it's about nothing more than how I'm feeling about myself.

Of course, the real forces that drive the Left know damn well what they are doing and they don't have any such contradictions, and they are ruthlessly logical. The vast Liberal hive, however, hasn't the slightest idea that they are busily partnering in their own destruction.