Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Still Mostly Sex Tourism

Once you have a great experience in a foreign country, you get bit by that travel bug. There's a city or country you never got around to seeing or one you only heard of from others. That becomes your next target. Travel, and being a traveller not a tourist, is exciting and fun. The travel for women concept is out there in the game community. It's a small subset of the Game community, but it's an interesting one because it's the male rejection of modern American society in action. I love to know what makes people tick, and it is steak when you read their travel "logs". Spending two or three months out of the USA roaming the planet might be fantastic and can be enriching. Reading game blogs or forums, planning a two week trip to Brazil, and then trying to have as much sex as possible in that foreign country is sex tourism. Oh sure, I'll read your forum entries professing a desire for life enrichment, but I'll look at posting history and see that your goal is not viewing art treasures but where can someone of your build/height/skin color/hair color/eye color get laid the best? Roosh is a very entertaining writer (Taki essay on him) with a good business model and a knack for thin slicing his way to interesting social commentary. He's doing good work trying to get his readers to improve themselves or deprogram them from accepting modern society. Roosh is the exception; you are the norm. You are not Roosh. You're a sex tourist. Here's another wake up call: you're not even using game, you're just being an American.

Read Roosh's posts carefully, and you'll see how normal American game works or 'beta' male game works in a vast majority of countries. In some nations you need social circle or friendship entry points, and that is not possible with your limited time in that country, so you need to hit up countries that rely on the first two. Review the first two: standard game or 'beta' male game (both are regular for you the Game community member). Basically, all you have to do is be your normal American self. Why does this work?

1. You're playing for the New York Yankees - By being an American, you are a representative of the ruling power in the world. This gets you status. This whole alpha thing really should be split between actual hard alpha qualities and soft alpha behavior. By going to lesser countries, you have jumped multiple spots up the hard alpha status ladder just by being American. Think of that OKCupid study where they found Asian and Hispanic women choose white men with greater exclusivity than white women; lower social status women seek out who is in charge, has money and has power. Foreigners will project confidence and strength on you that you never knew you had, but they think you do since you're from the USA. We rule for now, but this is definitely not as potent as it was in past decades.

2. You're now exotic - If you're a white guy in America, you're never allowed to be exotic (same applies to black guys who only run in black social circles and so on). You're just vanilla you. In a foreign country, even the UK, you are exotic. As foreigners repeatedly told me, "you Americans never sound like you're wrong" and "christ, you guys are confident". The foreigners will also compare your style of speech to Brits, and believe me, we may not sound as educated, but we sound a hell of a lot more manly and fun. There are plenty of girls who want to fuck a Yank just to bang a Yank while others automatically say no way (like any exotic appeal it works both ways). Annoyed when American girls swoon for fug Brit guys because of the accent? This is you over there. I used to wear my cargo pants in europe as a billboard for "Fuck me, I'm American". You're the different, new thing; so use it wisely.

3. The girls are more feminine + play the role of girl better than American girls - Ever notice Roosh always mentions how feminine the women are in countries he visits? Many modern, Western women are fucked up by a recent plague called media marketed feminism. This wasn't always the case. They are trying to reject a role that was pretty standard for thousands of years; this is not about legal protection + voting rights, I'm focused on actual behavior. "Look at me I can drink with the boys, yell and be a sarcastic ballbusting loudmouth". When you go to another country (maybe not western european nations), the girls act like women, so you can act like a man... and be rewarded. No complex set of rules. Be a man. This only reinforces you acting more and more like a normal man. Like most things related to masculinity, you'll feel better about yourself, exude confidence and women will pick up on it and react positively to that creating a virtuous cycle of masculinity. Even when you're 'beta', which would be just *awful* in the states, you get rewarded because girls are not feminist programmed consumers yet. You get to act just like your grandfather in 1945 and get laid. You get to act natural.

4. You are a potential ticket to salvation - Deny it all you want, but any foreign girl who has a relationship (not a ONS) with an American has immigration in the back of her mind. Every single one thinks about it at some point. Some of these countries have college educated women signing up for mail order bride programs, so you think they aren't considering this while spending weeks with you? Think Carrie Bradshaw getting Big. You can set her up, even if you are just middle class in the USA; it's a huge step up. Earning 35K annually puts you in the global 1%. If you are spending a couple weeks in her country on your dime, it flashes a huge sign that you got bucks.

If you can't get laid with that wind at your back, just fucking hang yourself. What the guys who travel for several weeks of sex and populate some of those forums are doing is jumping the ladder and trying to reduce their effort to snag a pretty girl. They aren't writing the great American novel. They are micro-sampling the culture. They're a sex tourist dressing it up in different clothes. "But I'm looking for a feminine, thin woman who appreciates me" and "Marriage is for chumps". Let me not leave out the, "What country is good for bruthas?" refrain. America has an obesity problem, but we still have a lot of fine women. You may have to work at your game. You may have to improve your economic situation in life. You might have to look in areas you don't normally consider (church). No shit, marriage is a raw deal legally if you divorce, but it works for many men out there. Has anyone ever spun the tables and asked a Game blog commenter, "How come you're not alpha enough to have an attractive woman completely in love with you to the point where she'll never leave?". That's what a lot of the multiple options, bedding dozens, etc. are implying: they are so alpha, women just can't resist them. Doesn't everyone have a couple friends doing this in a metro area in the US right now? Look around, there's tons of shitty men to match up with the shitty women of America. Lifetime commitment takes some effort, so does game. Running to a foreign country for a couple weeks of banging makes you a lazy sex tourist.

I'm reaching a bit here, but this feels like the flight reaction of the fight or flight choice when faced with the current problematic situation as men in modern American society. It's tough with the shrinking number of attractive, thin women with nice personalities. Fight is using game to get what you want, get the woman you want, and make something of your life for economic comfort and security. Flight is jumping to other countries for a few weeks each year to bang some honeys. Ferdinand Bardamu likened it to a vampire's existence. I dislike the fat chicks all around us. I have huge problems with the way our economic, education, and legal systems are set up, but I'm working within it and trying to change it. Not everyone can just stand still and be a rich king with an adoring, slender wife who will raise their children. Escaping to foreign locations is waiving the white flag and giving up. You can't hack it in the big leagues, so skip on down to AAA. You're not Roosh. You're not even one of the good posters in the forum that might have legit stories. You live vicariously though his posts and scout out the best country for you to visit for your two week sex romp.


hiddenleaves said...

First, this made me laugh. Second, the point you made regarding relationships is too often glossed over. If you want to get married, get married. Figure out how to make it work. The notion that all men have to follow the same path, and eschew marriage, is silly and assumes men are monolithic.

Firepower said...

Did you get my mail.

It is all summed-up in the allure of "exotic appeal."

Any white guy can score hot black ass in Kinshasa.

In 3 years when roosh hits 40...suddenly "game" will be weighted differently. Moving Goalposts like Dow 10,000 of today compared to 2001.

I've had a long-planned article on "Why PUA will fail" that begs finishing.

Anonymous said...

I normally love the insight of this blog, but the whole time I was reading this post, I was thinking "No." Simply put, I'm not sure you know what it's like to be a young male in today's society.

While I agree with the premise that many people who travel overseas are deluding themselves into thinking it's some life-affirming aspect, I have to disagree that opting out of American girls is somehow putting up the white flag.

Fighting is only a logical option if there's something to fight for. A young guy today could improve himself physically, financially, and learn tight game, though this is extremely difficult for the common guy. He can go to church and do his best job to find an acceptable partner, but those girls are hard to come by and diminishing more and more. The amount of those girls which are attractive are even more rare. And after all of that, there's still a good chance he'd be taken to the cleaners. Even if he's lucky enough to find a good one, she would still have been raised in a culture that sees women as infallible and sets unrealistic expectations for men. Marriage for most men to American women is a painful experience and only getting worse. To put it bluntly, most domestic women are extremely masculine, overweight, crass, and antagonistic compared to their international counterparts. What man in their right mind would want to put himself through that misery?

Asking a man to "fight" and marry a shitty American wife is like asking a company to stay in California while being raped by taxes and over-regulation, instead of taking the logical step and moving to Texas.

For a lot of men looking for an acceptable wife, it makes so much more sense to look elsewhere. Women from the Philippines, Poland, Eastern Europe, etc place much more emphasis on being feminine, on loving their husbands and treating them like men, and make relationships in general very pleasant. The amount of intact marriages to immigrants increases 60% vs intact domestic marriages after 10 years (80% vs. 50%).

In a dating market that is so broken and beyond repair, those who try to fight become the suckers, while those who take the best option are the winners. It's better to put ones money in an offshore Swiss account to weather a storm than to invest in a Wiemar republic.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@ Anon - Great comment, so much there that is true and it is sad. It is a broken system. If you're under 25, it is going to get better just because you can snag 22 year olds with daddy issues. I used to sit at poker night with buddies wondering if we'd all have to marry some used up cute chick with a kid.

I'm 33. If I dont know what it's like for young men today, then just read this from a decade ago and tell me if it isnt the same shit as today...

"i was talkng to this busty girl from the hotel school and we were talking and i realized that i had no interest in this girl cause she was pretty numb and a stereotype of what JAPs are here. so i tried a trick. when she was tlaking to me telling me this dumb ass thing, i said "you're friends are sluts" she then proceeded to talk not realizing what i said which made me realize she wasnt listening at all. i left the party shortly thereafter. what i get tired of is talking to girls who look around the room to make sure there isnt someone richer or higher on the social ladder than you to talk to and they have the same stupid shit on and the same stupid friends and the same stupid things to talk about. it gets annoying. peace."

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's basically like that. I wasn't in the dating scene much before today so I can't say how much better or worse it's become, but I can only imagine it getting worse. I've been living in the DC area for the past few years, and what I've heard is that this is one of the worst places when it comes to the women. It definitely feels that way.

Women in these areas have been told throughout their education that there are no stupid questions, that everyone must be heard and is special. Throughout their adolescent years many parents fail to put enough social pressure on their children to understand that they still have much to learn about the world and should be humble. Moms are working now so they don't have the time to teach their women how to be suitable mates (and most of the moms never were either). By the time the women hit college, men are constantly throwing attention at them in hopes of getting laid, and indulge them in their meaningless chatter which just eggs them on. There is no respite from society, which promotes bad behavior as self empowering "life-experiences" through TV shows like sex and the city. Commercials show idiot husbands being saved by their know-it-all wives. By the time they hit the dating market, most women raised in this culture have been shaped by it in some way.

I would say that at least 10% of women are suitably kind and attractive, but they normally marry up quickly to their college sweethearts or will only date the most exceptional guys. I'm talking guys that either come from power families, natural alphas in professional jobs, or successful athletes or businessmen. Because women are in their peak and the sexual revolution has been unleashed, there is very little incentive for women to settle down at an early age, but a lot of the smart ones do, though only to the most exceptional candidates. Needless to say, 95% of men cannot and will not ever make it in this category. On the lower end there may be 10-20% of women who are the "lawyer cunt" type as heartiste would say. Very ingratiating, crass mother hens that only the most masochistic betas will go for. What's left to the average guy are women who are lower to upper middle class, who have careers but are open to families "after they've explored themselves", and will at some point likely get married. These women follow the life trajectories sold to them, riding the alpha carousel until their beauty starts to decline in their late 20s. I've seen lots of these women vomiting on the street outside of bars, and many of them will wake up next to complete strangers a handful of times in their lives. All of these women are 20lbs overweight, though most are more like 30-40lbs over. All of them tend to think they are world experts for the reasons mentioned above, especially those with graduate degrees in meaningless fields. Many of them try to manipulate and control their relationships as much as possible, though some can be very forgiving. They vary a lot based on how they measure up to their boyfriends, how much game their boyfriends have learned, and how well their parents raised them. I think my cousin is a typical example of what an average guy who has kept his shit together can hope for: A 20lb overweight, manipulative but socially savvy, entitled upper middle-class woman who isn't ready to settle down until she hits 30. They would have a romantic history neither would mention out of the ugliness of it all. Most of the men have to accept that he must bend to the endless wills of his masculine wife or face being raped in court.

Anonymous said...

That being said, I have seen a great deal of happy marriages to American women. Out of the 80% of the women married in typical middle-class arrangements, perhaps 20% of the marriages end up with the man as the head of the household, and a happy environment for both the man and wife. I think this is what you were getting at, and it definitely is something to strive for to the average guy. It may seem lazy for the average American man to not work hard to attain this coveted environment, but unfortunately most men haven't incorporated enough game and self-discipline to make it possible. Add to that the effect that feminism and the sexual revolution have had on women, raising all of their expectations and lowering the attractiveness and femininity of all western women on aggregate. Add to that the availability of HD porn where average men can nut to their absolute sexual fantasy as opposed to an overweight, ball-busting, post prime woman. Add to that the culture where men are raised to think they are the bad guys, and they must do everything possible to earn the approval of women, which kills the attraction women might have had even more. Add to that the clueless mothers and fathers who haven't had to deal with the hypergamous jungle like their sons have, who raise their sons to dote on women. This sums to a dating environment which is detrimental to men who are just looking for a suitable partner.

A lot of these guys would be better off dating a woman that was raised to be a good wife and mother, who knows how to make their men happy. Women in certain foreign countries fit this bill to the T. They take care of themselves, they know how to make their men happy, they value provider qualities in men, and they have familial support structures to protect their honor and guide them in the right direction. Dating a foreign women is logistically much more challenging, as men have to manage how often they are able to see their partners, and find a way to suitably vet partners so that they don't end up with a gold digger or someone just hoping for a ticket to the first world. However, for many men that patience could mean a lifetime of happiness they wouldn't otherwise have.