Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gender Reassignme​nt Surgery Obfuscation

When you need to sell people on something insignificant, weird and tiny being a right, obfuscate obfuscate obfuscate. The Euro Human Rights court is forcing payment for gender reassignment. In the states, Massachusetts taxpayers will pay for a prisoner to get a sex change. It's their right (even if by being a murderer that person is imprisoned therefore having restricted rights due to forfeiting them by breaking the convenant of the community as deemed by their state, but let's not discuss that deeply!). This is part of the next edge of rights or things normal people will have to tolerate, accept, not judge, and pay for with their income. Using Google, it was hard to pin down a concrete sex change number. It seems they want to leave that grey and murky so a vast majority of Americans don't react to the stupidity of people paying for the sex changes of others who remain an incredibly small minority; a sliver of a sliver.
A commonly reported number for gender reassignment is not transparent. Wikipedia doesn't mention a number per year in the USA in their article. Some online sources mention the international travel factor where people fly to Trinidad for a sex change, which skews numbers. There was a forum that said only 1000 per year in the USA, but that felt like hearsay. The number that I could find and feel slightly confident about is reported as 1 in 37,000 males and 1 in 107,000 females in the USA. It's odd that the numbers are displayed in that manner. Why not just come out and say roughly 4200 men change to women and 1450 women change to men (inverse of what I expected)? This might be a bit too cynical, but this looks like the media controlling the way information is relayed again to hide what the true impact is. No one is going to do the math using those above numbers to find out the sex change crowd couldn't fill an NBA arena until four years worth of surgeries happened. The media needs people to feel for these transgendered folks. The media needs people to accept them. The progressive steamroller must claim new victories.
If we are to put this in perspective, look at that sex change number in comparison to gays in the USA today. If the UCLA study and Gallup are good estimates on the number of gays in the USA, 3.5% of the population is gay and bi, which is just under 11,000,000 people. If 5700 people are going through sex reassignment, that means the fully "T" of the LGBT each year is .05% of the LGBT crowd. This is the new rallying point for the LGBT and gay-straight alliance crowd? A whopping .05% of the LGBT crowd? Add up the sex change operation crowd for the last decade and you won't get to 1% of the LGBT crowd, which is once again only 3.5% of the total population. This is a joke. If we lived in a sane world, the people advocating for prisoners to get sex changes paid for by the taxpayers or even medical insurance companies paying for elective surgeries would be laughed out of the country.
If 5700 people are having sex change operations a year, what are some other comparable numbers that don't seem to get the focus or spotlight (always positive) that the frontier of liberalism "gender reassignment" is receiving right now. There are 5300 straight black women who get HIV per year. There are 3500 abortions per day (95% are just the lady's choice, not rape/health of mom). There are 3600 murders per quarter and 6900 rapes per month. A society where women feel it is better to abort child than raise it and where we have over 40 murders and 200 rapes a day is a sick one. Let's report on that. Yahoo News, MSNBC, USA Today and other news outlets haven't been doing deep dives or human interest pieces on next of kin to get Americans to sympathize with crime victims or realy support policies centered around those issues. We wish for those problems to go away but we don't have the will to deal with them. In 2012, I saw more puff pieces on trans people than on grieving next of kin or black women with HIV. The positive press steadily telling readers that sex changes are a right and that this is part of the field of normal is a decision on the media's part. They select the news that is fit to print. They want to advance the progressive steamroller. When all victories are counted up, new rights and new problems will be dreamed up to create new fights and new struggles. All the while, the horrible residue of their handiwork will eat away at society.

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peterike said...

I like the term progressive steamroller. And yes, it is vital to keep the steamroller going, because once it passes through a certain point, everything behind it starts to look normal. So it's necessary to always push the boundaries. Though it really seems like we're running out of next steps here in the gender wars. After transgendered, then what?