Monday, January 28, 2013

Delusions of American Women - Boudoir Photography

How pathetic are American men? They aren't excelling at college. They aren't manning up and marrying women like they used to. They can't hold jobs, they can't provide, they continuously oppress women even if the law is set up to classify any comment as an unwanted and unwarranted sexual comment that creates an environment of uncomfortability needing a financial settlement. They are sacks of privileged shit.

At least they aren't paying high costs for a studio fee and posing in boudoir shoots. This one is in Topeka, KS, but I found one in Maine. I use rural Maine as a guide. If something has reached there it has permeated American society. There's a studio having a boudoir special, $195. I cruised photos of other 'studios' as well as watched the gallery of the gals from Topeka. How fucking empty are the empowering photo shoots? Yes, the media used the phrase empowering. NY Mag does not approve. One media outlet says it can spice up middle aged sex lives (Cialis + online couple's porn isn't enough), because men are visual and want to see their ladies jazzed up. That's funny, most the photos in galleries I went through had young women, and I sincerely doubt that a middle aged married man's fantasy is his wife tarted up (try a drunk Sienna Miller who's been a bad bad girl).  Same motifs, same poses, same hair, same tattoos, same chunkyness if chunky or fakery if fake. The narcissism and empty soul sydrome of Sex and the City wannabes have reached the ladies of our remote areas. They desperately want to be considered sexy. They want to think that in this age of ubiquitous pornography that they might be fappable. Why do you think there are so many self shooter nudes online? It's not because they think they are hot. Young women are some of the most insecure women about their bodies. Whether legitimately cute or chunkerific, these women take the photos and post them? They want to be fappable. They want to think they are sexy. They have no idea of inner-self worth. How do you feel about me, never how do I feel about myself?

Keep making fun of middle aged or older men staring in the mirror and thinking they are still attractive or that they are still desired by many women. They've lived a life. They want to think they still have it or consider themselves still hot to their immediate social circle. Their delusion might be terrible, but they have an excuse, they truly are past peak. Many of these self shooters and boudoir sex carnival show prize kittens are of true sex kitten age. They don't measure up while in the prime of life. They never had it and never will, and they share that with everyone.


Anonymous said...

I would guess it's a symptom of an empty life. They have been taught all their lives to forego femininity, motherhood, and the traditional lifestyle, and they need to fill it with something. Despite all the programming to have them believe their value lies in their education and career success, deep down all women want to think they are attractive. I bet this is especially true for 30-something careerist women who feel like "something is missing" and need validation that they're still appealing. Because many were never raised to learn self-respect, they turn to the only example society provides for a visual outlet: porn.

Part of me laughs knowing that their poor decisions brought them here, but another part of me wonders if it is an inevitable outcome for most women who are raised by TV and limited parenting. Either way, it's hard to deny that our civilization is in the advanced stages of decay.

odinslounge said...

What a waste of money. I think almost every single girl in Europe loves photography.

They all love taking pictures, and posing for pictures and each one of them has a really nice camera.

Having met a few I know this firsthand. They take pictures and are good at it, no duckfaces and group photos at the club there.

They may hire a photographer for some special occasion but generally just take really good photos cause its a hobby.

What do we get here? Some idle bum who thinks it's going to do something for her self-esteem or self-understanding. Funny thing that people who "do" stuff don't have that problem.