Thursday, May 31, 2012

Small History Lesson

1. Just read the roll call for the vote on the Defense of Marriage Act. Look at the name and party of the President who signed it.

2. Think of everyone on your Facebook feed talking about how awesome it is that an appeals court ruled it unconstitutional.

3. Think of who they voted for in 1996.

4. Do you think they care about actual beliefs or just about having the power and control of the system?

I'll say it again, don't really care about gay marriage right now as the f*cking world is burning. I do not have a problem with gays having recognition of unions as really all gays are setting themselves up for is gay divorce. Secretly, older gays just want the word marriage for legitimacy in the eyes of their parents that most likely rejected their lifestyle or do not approve of it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Behind the Myth: The Minotaur of Crete

If one spends enought time reading, one notices patterns. Mythology is a branch of literature that loves to follow patterns. These patterns speak to basic human interests, desires or disgusts. There are hero figures, villain figures, good + bad women, and many ancillary characters. The anti-hero is a modern concept, and one that seems to fit our Industrial society grey world better. Many myths have a root in some truth. It's always good fun to discuss what could be the basis for a myth. Let's discuss one today.

One mythological figure or idea that was fantastic yet seemed to have a true basis was the Minotaur of Crete. The Minotaur was the child of the queen and a bull. The bastard is terribly behaved, and they feed boys + girls from Athens to the beast in the labyrinth. He savagely kilsl them. Theseus is sent to Crete as a sacrifice, gets the beasts sister to fall for him, and then slays the beast. Reading the wikipedia page, one can see the theories of the Minotaur's origin. It is the severing of the Mycanean tributes. It is symbolic of the human sacrifice with the priest wearing a bull head as they were a bull or sun worshipping culture. Wonderful snippets of PhD theories there. The priest wearing the bull head or mask theory seems fair, but the severing of the tribute theory seems to symbolic for old school civilizations. After all, the Illiad was just fictional myth until they started to uncover archaeological proof of a giant city set to blaze around the proper time. Considering that fact, what if the Minotaur tale was a bit more literal? What if it was closer to human nature? What if it was a warning against basic human desires? Let's roll on with my theory.

On the island of Crete, Knossos was a giant palace of the king. Excavation has revealed nearly 1300 rooms. The palace itself is the labyrinth. Minos, which actually means king in their language, could have been the stock figure of king. The myth is a retelling of his wife the queen having an adulterous affair with some physically imposing but dangerous man... possibly a criminal. I say criminal as Minos did not sacrifice a bull tot eh gods but kept it. The gods sent the white bull which then the queen weirdly created a fake cow to go into the have sex with the bull. In this theory, Minos did not kill a criminal. He took the power of pardon to forgive a criminal. This would be against the gods' wishes. The gods lay down laws, and how dare Minos not kill a criminal. A magnificent looking criminal is later caught, but also catches the queen's heart. She disguises herself just to have sexual liasons with him. The child of that union would be unacceptable to the king, but out of his love for his wife, he would still 'take care' of the child. As time goes on, it is evident the horrible genetic nature of the criminal is once again in the child. The 'Minotaur' is a violent, bloodthirsty teen. He has the physical gifts and mental curses of his father. The king can't kill him as his wife still has a bond to the child. How can the king control this sick young man?

The king uses children sacrificed at a festival to feed the bastard's impulses. The palace itself was giant, but does not seem conducive to a multitude of people to watch multiple events. Minos had the festival be at another site on Crete. The rituals are performed, and the young men and women rushed out of the festival site. They are brought to the empty palace. Waiting there to stalk them, the 'Minotaur' psycho bastard cuts them down one by one. With no knowledge of the palace's floor plan, theya re at the crazy bastard's mercy. He slays them all with his bare hands. Their bodies are returned to teh festival to show the dead youth given up for the gods. This is where the Ariadne part makes sense to me. Ariadne is the woman who falls for Theseus and helps him kill the Minotaur and escape. Fitting into my theory, Ariadne would know of the secret behind the Minotaur. She only needs to give Theseus a string to find his way around and one sword. Theseus defeats a mythical beast with one sword? Come on. That would be how one skilled young man could kill an unarmed yet physically stronger + mentally uninhibited man.

Not as symbolic or poetic as the theories on Athens and Mycenaean society overtaking Minoan society, but it feels more rooted in reality. The Greeks made fantastic stories for founding figures, villains, and other situations, but often there's a kernel of truth to them. Rather than looking big picture for societal changes, I'm looking at the familial and personal. Minos not killing the bull (rough, powerful, tough to tame) sent by the gods is a disruption of the Greek religious order. King Minos' wife sleeping with a bull is zoophilia is a crime against nature. She also slept with something other than her husband, who was also the most powerful king in the known Greek world at the time. They kept the child of that illicit union in their home (also against custom). There is no punishment for the queen. Core message: do not defy the gods, do not sleep around, do not accept that which is not your blood as if it were your blood. The average Greek would look for these core truths in the story, not some giant tale of socioeconomic change.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook's IPO - Epic Fail

Facebook had their IPO. Epic failure on their part as well as the Wall St. underwriters. I did not expect it to do well. No one has ever told me about clicking a Facebook ad. Their numbers of 900 mil users seem phony. There's really almost 1 billion users? Come on. How many of those accounts are inactive, zombie accounts. How many get checked daily? How many are created just so you can comment on another newspaper article but not with your real name as newspaper sites move away from anonymous commenting? I find it hard to believe Facebook is worth more than Disney (where the IPO was priced) when Disney has tons of intellectual property, theme parks that rake in dough, movies, music and TV. Facebook has you.

Facebook's product is you the user. They provide you with hours of entertainment and distraction to get more out of you. They sell your information. They sell your likes. They sell trend projections. They sell your eyeballs for ad space. It's just shifting your information to marketers, corporations and yes, the governments of the world. Ever get investigated for anything, and the Facebook staff will send over every message, every like, every wall post and every photo you were ever tagged in. Forget about the right to not incriminate yourself. They switch up their privacy policy. They claim ownership of anything you upload. They censor certain political groups created. It's rather sick how much they grasp at, which is why I am enjoying seeing the stock fail. It's called the worst IPO of the last 10 years. I'm happy. Zuck is worth billions, and always will be because of Facebook. What he will not be seen as is a visionary. He is no Gates, no Jobs, and hell, he isn't even the Google team. He's just a nerdy guy, who wanted to be liked and wants things to be peaceful, happy, no conflict, calm, etc. Basically, he wants all of you to be docile cows.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wall St Theory: Running Out the Statute of Limitations

This theory is crazy enough because it assumes the banks have some type of soul that knows what happened was wrong and must be corrected. Wall St. is playing for time. They are trying to run out the clock on the statute of limitations. Bank fraud now has a 10 year statute. If their crimes happened in the run up to the collapse and the actual collapse of '08 at the latest, that would put the statute clock at almost halfway. I do not think they'll get that far, as the system will change before that clock runs out. When the clock runs out for someone, they will step forward to rein in the banks. I hope.

*Side note: ehow is actually decent when you go on a caffeine fueled tangent. I went from bank fraud, to mail fraud, to check kiting, to credit card fraud, to reporting all of those crimes, to how to litigate ID theft. Thank you ehow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peak Globalization: Our Multipolar Local Future

Forget globalization. Globalization has taken its best shot and gone too far. Globalization was a scam by the educated and rich elite after the end of the Cold War to try to ensure security and peace for the big power (United States) and allow current power hierarchies elsewhere to stay in place. The crowning achievement of globalization must be the rise of China. China lifted millions out of poverty, while cutting costs for the developed world for many goods, while keeping Communist gangsters still in power after a squashed rebellion in Tiananmen Square in '89. It's over. It's kaput. We're in the transition phase right now. I'd go so far as to say globalization will be a curse word in the near future, large countries will be broken up or handcuffed, returning power to smaller entities + more local control. This will be because it is too expensive for national governments to offer the services that socialists have promised for decades while at the same time maintaining security for the citizens at acceptable levels. Governments bit off more than they can chew, and now they are sick to their stomachs. The vomit stage is coming. Let's look at this from a broad view to see the currents at work.

In the post WW2 era, the world saw regions move simultaneously towards larger unification and splintering. The EU/EMU is a wonderful example of this, which happened at the same time that the Baltics left the USSR, the USSR broke up, the Czech Republic and Slovakia broke up, Yugoslavia disintegrate into ethnic pieces, and even small half-states in southeastern Europe declare independence. Nations ceded control of economic affairs to the WTO, meetings like the G8, or entered treaties like NAFTA. Large governments gave up authority and control for the sake of globalization and supposed efficiency. This was just efficiency for capital owners to move their investments to the nations with the weakest environmental and worker protection laws. People distrust big business, but they distrust big government for being the enabler of big business.

Governments have shot themselves in the foot. I won't touch on items like terrible public schooling causing the rise of home schooling or the rise in gun ownership as people don't trust the police + district attorneys to lock up criminals (anarcho-tyranny). National governments seem to be at odds with their citizens with regards to immigration. There is no frontier in Europe or America, yet immigration was allowed unimpeded. Sure, the idea of bringing nations and peoples into the 'core' was swell with safety incentives, but policy makers forgot that at the base of everything are people. Importing millions of Muslims into Europe will not make them European in behavior. It did not create ties between those nations except for an excuse for certain individuals to go home for terrorist training. Moving the drug wars of Latin + South America into the US Southwest was a dark side effect of unrestricted economic immigration from Latin America for the US. Creating a manufacturing base in China hollowed out the middle class of America, along with the technological advancements of computers when applied to our blue collar industies.

It's not like Big Pharma is a friend of the small guy. Hospitals and Doctors can keep you alive for an extra 5-10 years, but they are awful years of living with Alzheimers or Parkinsons. It's not like Hollywood is pushing out great projects every year. Hollywood is out of touch with the common man, and has to produce glittery schlock just to pack them in (Avatar). Music was diluted when Clear Channel bought up hundreds of stations and destroyed radio. Music never reacted to Napster in a positive way, which stifled the industry and made people hate buying music. I'm willing to best that more people download music illegaly each day than speed on the highway. Education has become a racket, where even piss ant private schools cost 45k+ a year that cost half that 15 years earlier.

Technology was a pied piper for the developed world. There are many fantastic things we have today due to technology in the fields of medicine, education, manufacturing and even white collar work, but there is a human cost. What once took 4 blue collar guys now takes 1. We still have millions of blue collar guys graduating high school every year. Now there are fewer jobs for them. Not everyone is a potential surgeon. Technology has even increased crop yields, but now we have an obesity problem. We dont need to touch corporate farming, which is repulsive and not what food production was even 30 years ago. I would not want to be called a neo-Luddite, because think technology offers us a way out.

There is high distrust of government, but it softens as government gets more local. There is distrust of big business. There is disgust with governments out of touch with their people. There is disgust with mass media. People keep talking about sustainable communities or lifestyles. While on the fringe right now, localtarians are even popping up publicly. There is technology. technology can be what we want it to be. There is also tons of technology that is now user friendly, and millions who have the basics of computer usage as a skill. There is a technology called 3d printing or micromanufacturing that could make part reproduction or fabrication local again. Solar power, while not perfect, is constantly coming down in cost and technically possible anywhere. Energy conservation continues to make improvement. Teleconferencing, oil prices, cheap long distance calling, oil prices and Skype have made long distance travel a luxury again.

I forsee a future where we go from one hyper power (the USA) to a multipolar world. The middle east will still be a flashpoint as the ME nations will collide, and much depends on whether the US or China can switch their transportation fuel system away from gasoline. Russia will have influence in central Asia and eastern Europe. Germany will have influence over central and western Europe. China over trading partners in East Asia and raw material producers in Africa. There is no fixing Africa, but China will keep sending money over there for raw materials. India will be a problem, but I see India, if it stays in its current form, staying within it's bounds on the subcontinent. Australia will be a go between for the US + Europe with the Chinese trading bloc. South America will be a toss up, as I can see America + Brazil having soft power collisions down there. North America will be America's domain. America though will be different.

Large government entities are stripped of much of their power and power is given back to states or broken up former states within old national lines. Ther EU might be around for large framework regulations, but nations will once again regain much of their sovereignty. Nationalism will rise again in Europe. American demographics will create either a Balkanization that will lead to a physical conflict or a worked out political solutions with smaller regions. It is easy to envision sctions of the Southwestern US states becoming a sort of North Mexico. Not part of Mexico, because there is a reason they left Mexico, but it's own area. I don't see it doing well, but the new border will be ferociously patrolled. I can see Northern CA, Oregon and Washington forming a country (potentially with Western Canada) called "Cascadia". I can see a large region that would be from Idaho-Montana all the way to the Midwest down to the South becoming a 'red state America' (yes, they'd be the oens to retain the name america in their name). I can aslo envision the Northeast from say Washington DC up to Maine over to Western NY/PA becoming the "North Atlantic Union".

The odd puzzle piece is the Upper Midwest. The Minnesota through Ohio cluster is rather purple. Indiana could be the northern red tongue of the 'red state America', but if you look at county by county results to elections, you will find that Illinois is actually pretty red except for Cook County (Chicago) and East St. Louis. I can easily see Illinois exacting a 'dead voter' revenge on Chicago by auditing all votes and moving to 'red state America'. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio could become part of the North Atlantic Union. One thing to keep in mind is if part of the fraud of large national governments' socialist tinged economic ideas also disgraces the soft on crime and social issues that they defended for decades. Let's call it fair: send Indiana and Illinois to 'red state America' and the rest to the NAU. I would also point out that you'd probably see a migration of sorts as there is no way that blacks would stay down south if white southerners had 'red state america' backing for law enforcement. No way. That refugee issue could become an NAU problem. I also don't see what remains of religious people in the northeast staying in the NAU.

America in pieces would turn isolationist again. I could see the NAU having interaction with the German dominated Western Europe, but focusing on its problems of not producing much oil and food. I can see "Cascadia" looking towards Asia, and both Cascadia and 'red state america' being Mexico and Latin America focused to prevent new immigration. People would tend to their regions though far moreso than America cares for itself now. How do you get Senators and Congressmen from Vermont, NH or Maine to care about Mexican immigration when they have virtually none? How do you get Southwestern congressmen to see environmental concerns when their area is a frickin' desert? With this idea of smaller regions, I forsee culture moving away from the mass entertainment that is thinly smeared like too little butter on too big of a pancake to locally derived culture that better fits that 'region'. If big enough, it can cross over, but a local sound and style would develop. This would also be helped by the growth of podcasts as well as the cheapening costs of buying old radio stations as they are discarded and shut down by the big corporations. The Village in NYC grew to be an artists' area as it was abandoned by everyone else and became cheap. Local musicians or movie makers shut out of the 'connections' game in Hollywood and the music industry could find local audiences and low distribution costs due to technology + unused infrastructure.

People will want control over their lives and immediate surroundings. They always have. Technology will give them the power to make it happen, and the money will be long gone from the sovereign governments for them to remain legitimate years after they lost legitimacy in the eyes of their citizens. Keep this in mind. The US House of Representatives was fixed at 435 members in 1911... when the US had 92 million people. We had far more direct representation thent han we do now. I can see it happening again. Not because I want it, but because these large transnational or national entities controlling hundreds of millions of people with laws written thousands of miles away feels like a crime against human nature. Rome was not built in a day, but it took just as long to be destroyed.

Hint: If America ever were to go to pieces, I would just want to be in the area that has a food surplus and/or an oil surplus.

Idea for Disney - Hero Line + John Carter Redo

Disney has a moneymaker with their Princess line. It is shocking the number of 2-8 year old girls who wear their favorite princess' outfit while at Disney. They also print money with the old Walt Disney catalogue of characters. Anyone see a glaring hole in their marketing?


I propose a hero line. Like the princess line including pre-'90s old classics, Disney could include Buzz + Woody from Toy Story, Pirates of the Carribean + the "Cars" characters (boys love pirates + cars), creating a series of movies geared towards boys with set heroic male leads that get the girl. Full costumes to buy, action figures, comic + cartoon tie ins.

They really missed the boat with the "John Carter" movie, which was perfect for that 5-12 year old boy demographic and could have kickstarted the hero line. The best way to market "John Carter" would have been to start an action-adventure cartoon of "John Carter" in 2006. Cartoons are much cheaper. Have it be the "John Carter Adventures" where his origin/arrival on Mars is never told. The origin story would become the big movie pitch. With 5 years of build up, Disney would have 5 years of marketing the JC idea + a built in audience of young boys. The cartoon is built in advertising. The cartoon would also foster for several years a legion of boys who will be excited about the movie. This broadens the target market for the movie by having some fo the boys who were 9-12 when the cartoon started still be movie ticket consumers in their teens for a movie really geared towards younger boys. JC was a slam dunk for pre-teen boys. It's Star Wars on Mars. Disney fumbled the ball. If Disney can get teens girls to go nuts over the crap tween singers they create, imagine a marketing campaign for a big budget sci-fi film that has a 5 year build up with great source material.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Political Distractions

What do paying full amounts for brand name birth control, Trayvon Martin, Obama switching publicly to support gay marriage even if he said it should be decided by states (he half assed it even then) all have in common?

They are distraction points used by Obama's team to gear up solid base members to get out and vote in November. Seriously, why would national attention be paid to paying full price for brand name birth control in Obamacare? Why was it mentioned months earlier in a GOP POTUS debate? Single women 'care' about it, even if BC is $9 month at Target and Walmart. They want new, brand name BC for free. Trayvon Martin was shot dead while beating the crap out fo a hispanic guy. In a nation with a murder every 15 minutes, why did the national press spotlight that? Because they can manipulate blacks into thinking whiey is always out to get them like it's 1955. Why did Obama flip on gay marriage now? Gay bundlers were withholding campaign dollars, and he's screwed over gays for 4 years, so he needs the cash and to hopefully get them to vote in November.

Forget that 46 million people are on foodstamps. Forget that 500K people stopped looking for jobs last month. Forget that student loan debt is 1.1 trillion now and colleges keep raising tuition. Forget the millions of foreclosed homes. Forget that gas is back to $4 a gallon, and groceries are much higher now than 4 years ago. Just care about the little, special issue and get in line with the rest of the left wing voting coalition. Forget that Obama is a false product who overpromised and underdelivered. We don't know about Romney, but we know Obama is not working.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Men: Grow up, Wear a Suit to Night Weddings

If you are going to a night wedding, wear a suit. Stop being a slacker. Stop being a slob. Stop being a douche. Your date is probably buying a new dress, so wear a suit. If you do not have a date, suit up. Suiting up at a wedding automatically raises your chances of bringing a girl home by 25%. The groom will wear a tuxedo. You wearing a suit will mimic his look. She will be flustered by the romance of the evening, and jumble her desire to be married with seeing a handsome guy in a suit. By wearing a suit, you project an image of having your act together, because who knows what potential business contact you will make at the wedding.

Last night, I went to an evening wedding. Beautiful outdoor setting for the ceremony and a great indoor space for the reception. The decorations were black and white. It started at 6:30pm. Half the men were not wearing suits or jackets. I saw some hipster type with his grey loafers, grey belt and hipster hair. Screw off hipster. Wear a suit or at least a hipster jacket. If your date is in a nice dress, suit up. She will be fired up by the suit. Single women will be tricked by the suit into thinking you have a more masculine frame than you actually have.

Men used to wear suits often when not working. Suits were a strong weapon in our arsenal. The slide to informal wear has progressed so rapidly, that we don't even suit up for weddings anymore. Let's make a stand. Let's fight against the decline. Have some class. Have some pride. Grow up. Make your forefathers proud. They didn't live, fight and die for you to dress like a skeeze at formal events.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Number of Naked Women on the Internet

What's your guess? Maybe 1 million. Maybe 5 million. Would you guess 30 million? That seems like a truly outrageous number so no way. You'd guess lower. Maybe 10 million. Interesting thing is to consider that the number seems staggering in absolute terms. "Wow, there's 10 million women who have naked photos of them on the Internet." That would be far less than 1% of the total women on the planet. Maybe I'm being too broad. Let's be honest, Would you include the women who live on $1 a day? No. Heck, the untouchable class in India is several hundred million people, and they can't be included as per India rules, they can't even be touched. Seeing them would be bad karma. Would you include folks from developing countries who aren't in the top tier, top tier is like middle class here? No. We're slicing the total number down. Now we're talking about maybe 500 million women. We'd want to leave out the elderly and the under 18, so that number gets even lower. What if the number of total women in 1st and 2nd world nations 18-70 is 300 million? Suddenly 10 million (and growing) is 3%. That would mean one in 33 women you see on the street any day have a naked shot of them on the Internet, like a self shooter in the bathroom type shot. Weird world we live in today.