Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cathedral Rewards Good Soldiers

There was a stretch in time where blogging was 'hot' in the media's mind. The mid-2000s had the emergence of blogging as an alternative pundit outlet and soruce of reporting or writing on whatever. Bill Simmons was picked up by ESPN and became the straw that stirred the drink on ESPN's Page Two. MSNBC was using Eric Alterman and Glenn Reynolds as 'bloggers' on the payroll. The 2004 election had blog influence with the Dem nominee process, debate coverage and the destruction of Dan Rather's career as he tried to use forged documents from 30 years earlier to hurt President Bush. Bloggers were getting book deals. The media side of the cathedral doesn't allow for loose cannons and rising free agents get sucked into the machine. All you need to know about the media complex is shown by comparing how the cathedral and media have responded to two bloggers in the last decade: Melissa Lafsky of Opinionistas infamy and RooshV. One is rewarded for being a stereotype of their type of SWPL gal while the other gets hounded by the left's attack dogs.

Lafsky wrote "Opinionistas" while a young associate attorney at a big law firm in New York City. I heard about her blog from a friend who knew her in her college days. Her blog in a nutshell is attractive Ivy girl gets job she (and the feminist machine) have dreamed of as a lawyer with a great NYC law firm only to find it is unfulfilling and empty. She would gripe about being an associate attorney and getting her billable hours up, about the soul crushing life of attorneys, and how the partners didn't even have it good despite the high salaries and megabucks bonuses. Her writing was run of the mill, and felt like an unexplored story arc for Sex and the City. She exemplified dime a dozen generation snowflake thinking. She traded that in to become a cog in the media complex. She stepped up to writing reviews of horror movies! Wow, so awesome! She is now editor of the Ipad version of Newsweek all because Gawker discovered her. The cathedral saw an outsider with some witty comments throwing stones at the legal dream job system and sucked her in to be a media lackey. They rewarded a striving girl in the big city rejecting her world type. Striving youngsters in the big city shouting back at the world are not always rewarded.

RooshV has built an impressive following and business based on picking up women, deprogramming men from the matrist society around them, and pushing his readers to become better men and open to ideas and values not stamped with "Made in the USSA". He was blogging from DC at the same time as Lafsky and challenging the status quo. He's been linked on feminist sites for being 'nasty' and 'evil', but when you read him, while harsh at times, the guy is just trying to explain the world American men have to endure. Was he rewarded with a reporter job in the media complex? Did Maxim or another lad mag think to employ him on a contract basis as he travels the globe or navigates the DC night life? Not that I am aware of, but wouldn't that make sense given those young men's magazines' target markets? It makes sense if you think they want to cater to guys and making guys men, and not feminized consumers. What has happened to Roosh is that the attack dogs of the left, the SPLC*, went after him for being anti-women and a variety of other 'bad views'. This was picked up by the larger media to shame the sites, but it fortunately backfired on the SPLC as folks with common sense pushed back. Roosh survived, but how long until the SPLC or another group tries something like that again.

Two 20-something bloggers of the mid-2000s with two different experiences with the media. One, who was a stereotypical product of girl power '90s thinking, was rewarded, while the other, who writes original and different ideas, is shamed and attacked. Melissa Lafsky was just another young, female lawyer whining about how awful it was that she had to do hard work for that big paycheck and how unjust the legal hierarchy was. Roosh is trying to get men to be men and reject the world around them. Who sounds more interesting? Who should have received the call up to the big leagues and wider exposure? Now, who did? One of them represented what the current media powers that be want to push, while the other is the true rebel.

* - The SPLC is just a weapon of the left. Here's the MO. Donor makes donation and mentions something bothersome or a channel for funds mentions some thoughtcrime by an opponent. The SPLC then reads up on the sites or companies. The SPLC says it is 'hate speech', which is picked up as news by the press. Good liberals then tsk tsk and shame anyone who goes to the sites or eats at the chicken joints. The common man becomes guilty by associatrion, and libs can hide behind the SPLC's decree without making a real stand on what makes freedom of speech. The sites or companies are forced to not be vocal about their beliefs or change entirely. target sites/corps are hurt; mission accomplished.


asdf said...

I doubt this surprises Roosh.

Women control most spending directly or indirectly. So they control any capitalist economy.

Anonymous said...

^ I don't know about that. Did women control most spending in 1880?

As for Roosh, he's earning a very comfortable living doing exactly what he wants. I bet he'd rather work for himself and himself alone than work for a men's magazine.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Sure. My point is the media rewarded one of little talent who was just another girl in the big city type while attacking another who has some similarities but was more original. Maxim and other such media that targets men pushes men down the path that the cathedral wants, not what men want. Every guy I send roosh's website link to ends up loving it.

odinslounge said...

Don't know who the female writer is, but I do know about Roosh.
Still with my bias, just based on your summaries of each I'd say Roosh sounds more interesting.

However the big problem is the "controversy" factor of Roosh. That he is an outside the box type who would scandalize any mag. Maxim and the like all talk a big game, but are nothing but pretenders. Shills for a buck who still toe the line. Despite their attempts to claim edginess their nothing but TIME with a different demo.

Martel said...

Roosh isn't the only example. Michael Totten writes incredibly insightful articles about the Middle East that put every single mainstream journalist to shame.
Nowhere else will you get such fantastic insights from places like Lebanon and Iraq.

The guy's been doing a phenemonal service for years, but he still has to fund his trips from reader donations.

Not unlike Roosh and Maxim, Totten will never get the credit he deserves because he makes it too obvious that the people getting the big bucks aren't doing their jobs.

Nothing threatens an artificial elite like actual competency.

Anonymous said...

If Roosh went mainstream say maxim or playboy--he would loose his audience. Roosh's success is knowing his audience and catering to it. If one pays close attention to Roosh and his writing, though, he has probabley (guess only) had a contract with Amazon for yeeeeeaaaaarrrs.

Firepower said...

The mythologizing of the latest Legally Blond-girl beneficiary of "minority" status (artificially decreed with Preferential Treatment) is just one indicator of WHO runs the Status Quo... Who now is The Establishment.

Establishments, like regimes, are meant to be toppled.