Saturday, December 29, 2012

NY Times Wedding Blurbs - Who Runs America?

Why do some writers or papers obsess over America's elite colleges? It's not just that they are the most prestigious schools or that they generate the policies that govern and run the world. The schools are a status signal by people in the "I made it" mold. They also are a giant filtration system for plucking talented kids from all over the nation (and world) and indoctrinating them and sorting them for later use in the system. As Steve Sailer has pointed out, Michelle Obama didn't 'get rich' from going to Harvard Law due to AA, but she met the right guy at Harvard Law to get rich through AA. I've written about how recent presidents are stereotypes of the men who populate the Ivies. No poor person ever goes to those schools. They are all middle class and up. The true split is between the kids who say "This is my ticket to a good life for me + my family" and the kids who say "This is where I will learn and network so I can later rule/guide the little people". If you want to know who will be running the show in the future, look at the NY Times wedding announcements section today. You'll find money, power, Ivy degrees and marriages that smell of being arranged.

Let us look at one such duo. They are both part of the Jewish elite that have influence at the top of our power network who never ever want anyone to point out the gigantic overrepresentation of their influence on America despite being 2% of the population. In 2007, Rebecca Walker married Benjamin Grossman. Rebecca Walker was from a well to do Jersey Jewish family (mom taught karate, haha). She was a legacy admission as her brother was still at CU when she was accepted. She managed to be president of the Panhellenic system and be selected for the secret society "Quill + Dagger" (impressive member list here). She never impressed anyone with her intellect but was smart. She somehow gained admission into Harvard's joint MBA-JD program. While in Massachusetts, she met Ben Grossman; a giant "fish handshake" pansy man she can boss around like a stereotypical Mrs. Broflovski wife. He attended Princeton and Columbia and works a plum job at the environmental and sustainability consulting firm that his dad owns. Ben's parents are hooked up politically and in the academic realm. The key here is the dad.

Steven Grossman is planning a run for the governor of Massachusetts. His main worry is age, but the man has the money and the resources and favor network. Why? Let's use the NY Times' exact words. Grossman "was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1997 to 1999, and the president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee from 1992 to 1996". The man headed up AIPAC and then the DNC during the Clinton years. This is who influences and helps run America. This is why his ugly son who 'only' works for daddy landed a Jewish girl from a upper middle class family striving hard. His dad is hooked up witht he most powerful. This man is connected, and this will continue down to his children (most likely daughter in law) and grandchildren.

Rebecca got a nice job out of Cornell with Goldman Sachs. While at Harvard, she worked at a US attorney's office and then later for Goodwin Procter. Rebecca worked as the director of operations on his bid for Treasurer for the state of Massachusetts. Where in the future do you think she is going to settle professionally? My guess is extremely high. Unless her brother intervened, she is on a wall of shame somewhere for a certain fraternity. She wasn't bad looking, and had a nice fit body. She had her pick of Jewish guys at Cornell. She waited them out and landed an Ivy trained boy she could boss around who had a father that served as both head of AIPAC and DNC. If she could do that with picking a spouse, where do you think she is going to settle professionally?

When you look at politicians, many of them (especially the Democrats) plan their lives out decades in advance. It is why they focus like mad on midterms in undergrad programs because they have to get to the right law school to then get the right internships then to the right law firm or city's DA office then time it just right for one kid and entrance into politics. You think Bill Clinton wanted to get married at all? You think Barack Obama stopped dating white girl(s) who said he didn't have a black bone in his body to chase the black daughter of a Chicago alderman? You think George P. Bush after watching his uncle W's '04 campaign where the Democrats basically said you had to serve in a war zone to be POTUS signed up for active military service out of patriotic feelings? Anthony Weiner married and impregnated his rumored to be gay wife to give birth right before he'd have to decide about running for the mayor of NYC? The people at the top of our political-economic-media system are usually sharp and long term thinkers. If you want to get to know who will be running the show in the future, just read the Times' wedding announcements.

(I'll bring up a 2nd similar marriage soon)

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