Sunday, December 30, 2012

NY Times Wedding Blurbs - The Denial is Strong in This One

If current trends continue forever and the progressive steamroller keeps racking up wins, we'll be living in a North American version of India or Brazil. That is likely, but that which cannot go on forever will not. Moldbug says no one in America who has power claims to have power. Sailer says that the Jewish community that replaced the WASP power in the American elite will not let anyone criticize or even gently point out that they have power. Elite schools are breeding grounds for the next generation of the elite. We can indoctrinate and couple up students to eventually be power couples with the correct, progressive mindset. The best trick of all is to have the students not realize they are part of a power set. Denial is a powerful force.

In 2001 after September 11th, a Jewish friend proud to be Jewish yet in complete denial of their position of power compared to their size in America and I got into a discussion after a White House press briefing on the Afghan fighting. I said, "Man, this makes Al Qaeda's point. We have a Jewish guy (Ari Flesicher) speaking for the US president on how we're kicking Muslim ass". This became a long discussion on how jews make up 2% of the US population yet are oddly more than 2% of virtually every power position, government, rich folks, the press, banking, etc. This friend denied it, and denied that jews only made up 2% of the population. We went to the 2000 census results for confirmation. He denied that jews had an outsized position of influence, but we looked up political donations for the 2000 election. Weeks later, I asked him about growing up in a shame culture as opposed to a guilt culture, which is the comparison of Judaism vs. Christianity. He thought I meant was he ashamed to be jewish. Friends present corrected him, but jeez, he was touchy a bit after realizing he was part of the power elite. How deep does denial run?

Let's look at another NY Times wedding blurb. In 2007, Annie Siegel married Andrew Gelfand. The couple met at Cornell (groom was legacy admission and smart), where the groom graduated with honors, as editor in chief of the Cornell daily, and a member of the secret society "Quill and Dagger". Let me add that his sisters went to Cornell and Princeton. His bride was the only woman who would marry him. You ever watch "Super Size Me"? You've seen her dad. You ever invest with Merrill Lynch of Morgan Stanley, you've had your money under his dad, per the NY Times "His father is the chief financial officer and head of strategy for the global wealth management group of Morgan Stanley". I know he worked for Merrill because he explained to me the cutbacks in hiring when I was graduating due to the tech bubble collapse. Notice neither mom works? Kind of like yesterday's duo. Dads are both hooked up. This couple was born and raised by an elite pair of parents. The couple now lives in an up and comng hipster/SWPL borough with a child.

In a weird twist, the bride works as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan despite only going to Brooklyn Law School. Getting a job as an ADA in Manhattan is extremely competitive. To get those jobs you need to have a connection, especially if not graduating from an elite law school. You aren't getting that job middle class overachiever, but the daughter of elite cardiologist Dr. Siegel is. The groom parlayed his editor of the cornell daily job into a journalism job with Dow Jones but that wasn't moving along fast enough for him so he went to law school. He was editor of the law review at UVA and got a job with Sullivan and Cromwell. Starting pay is six figures for associates, which is fine considering they are one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. Wait, he has a job with a law firm that handles a lot of M&A, and his dad is CFO + head of strategy for global wealth management at Morgan Stanley. Nooooo, nothing shady there.

Recall the argument I had with him in college. He's knee deep in the incestuous elite law/i-banking world of NYC yet he denies it even exists. Exposing the cathedral and the FIRE-DC cabal is of high importance. It might be better to work to just tear it down rather than try to educate the masses. After all, if we can't even mention the power that this crew has, if the people who hold power deny they hold power, and if the people deep in the closet of that world do not see it or deny it, how are we going to get Joe Six Pack to see it?


PRCD said...

When you mention it on Facebook, the thread just stops. It's funny, because people who vote Dem are usually pro-Palestinian, but all the financial support of the Dems comes straight from people who also boost AIPAC. Look at the couple you mentioned last time: the father of the groom was DNC chairman, AIPAC chairman, and the mother was a Holocau$t booster. The confirmation of stereotypes was so obvious you'd have to not want to see it if you don't see it.

It's kind of scary that they have so much power because they had a ton of power in the USSR and look how that worked out for the common people there...

Son of Brock Landers said...

Very good point on Palestinians. It's like in the Hagel post I mentioned how people had more trouble with his views of gays rather than being less than enthusiastic on Israel. If the jewish donors ever moved money, holy shit would the Dems be in trouble. The Huffington post had an article on that as Romney was targeting not changing the Jewish vote but grabbing some money. The Jews are smart so I am shocked they think that a coalition of voters with significant chunks made up of blacks and hispanics will be friendly to them being in charge or Israel. They'd need a generation to get this done, and by then it'll be far too late for the USA

Matt Yglesias, Esra Klein and Nate Silver. Silver had PECOTA as an accomplishment but all three have been promoted and pushed far beyond what they deserved as 22-25 yearold nobodies. Does anyone really believe Yglesias was 'discovered' while blogging at Harvard?

SFG said...

No real disagreement with the rest of what you wrote, but your friend probably isn't part of the power elite personally. They're probably not even looking out for his interests--is a middle or even upper middle class Jew in the Midwest affected by what happens to Israel?

You might argue he shouldn't be proud of his heritage (though that's a complicated question), but I doubt he's personally a member of the elite.

peterike said...

Well the Jewish power structure is really ramping up the propaganda. Check out the latest in the Times: Let's get rid of the Constitution!

Hey, what a great idea! Because who needs "the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions." Brought to you by Constitutional Law Professor Louis Michael Seidman, Georgetown University.

The Obama win (he being nothing but a proxy for Jewish power) and the Connecticut shooting seemed to have really emboldened the hardcore Left who are smelling that this is their long awaited moment to take America down once and for all.

odinslounge said...

Jews are an anomaly in history. Nobody likes them, they have no natural home/nation and yet they not only survive but thrive.

Despite the skills that have helped them from one nation to another, I still think the only Jews worthy of general respect are the Israelis.

As a nation they generally don't take a lot crap despite being in the toilet. It'd be all the better though if we still didn't have to support them the way we do.