Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chuck Hagel - Victim of the Coalition of Victims

President Obama and his advisors offered up the name Chuck Hagel as a bipartisan pick for the Secretary of Defense. A very curious feature of American foreign policy is that since 1997 whether Democrat of Republican has occupied the oval office the Secretary of Defense has been a nominal Republican for 13 of the 15 years. Silent admission that the Democrats just can't be trusted to run the war machine. President Obama is reinforcing that quasi-myth by nominating Chuck Hagel who is a moderate Republican politician from Nebraska. Chuck's running into some problems. No shock that the cathedral writers are trying to paint this as somehow the GOP's fault when the big resistance is from jews and gays, who, last I knew, vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The opposition to Hagel displays the problem of governing for Democrats with their widespread and disconnected 'coalition of victim groups' voting population. It shows the dysfunction of democracy of our current world.

The resistance to approving Hagel is not from the GOP but from the left. Hagel has committed the grave sins of not being pro-Israel enough and for not being pro-LGBT. Democrat activisits, rather than support and trust the decision of the man they just re-elected and thanked the God that they don't believe in for his win, want to make sure a true lefty soldier is Secretary of Defense. The ridiculousness of this involves the small populations of Jews and gays in the USA. Obama's pick is being held up for a sliver of the 2% of Jews and 3.5% of gays in the US (as well as AIPAC). The problem is that Jews and pro-Israel PACS donate 60% of Democrat campaign money. If any other 2% of the US donated 60% of cash for either party, the media would be blasting daily screeds about this, but the Sulzbergers and their media peers strictly enforce omerta. Gays right now have the wind at their back with the media's support as well as an influence on the under 30 vote. Odd observation of my lefty and connected political Faceborg friends is that they are less bothered by Hagel's Israel views but bothered by his LGBT stance (they forget who controls the purse strings). Democrats need that if they want to take back the House in '14 and retain the White House in '16. The future problem is hinted at: how will they accomplish anything of substance if a segment of slivers of the population can block presidential moves?

This is an example of why governing a broad coalition of divergent worldviews is difficult. Polygot empires crumbled in complexity in the past. If the Dems were to rule the roost for the rest of the USA's existence, it will be an inefficient and troubling process of governing and administration. It is similar to why OWS failed. There are too many odd pieces to the coalition for anything big to be accomplished and executed. There are too many opposite minds to please and persuade. There is also too small and well connected of a rich leadership for the coalition of victims to ever get what they really want. Some of the educated and elite have noticed the dysfunction of those underclass voters threaten their way of life. Billionaires who make their fortunes off of our sick economic and legal system won't take a large cut and shake up the hierarchy of power for the gullible rubes that they manipulate. That leadership may have to employ some unique and new methods of fooling the rubes.

For the record and as if it matters, I'm OK with Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

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