Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Book Review: From Dawn to Decadence - Jacques Barzun

If you love history or love Western Civilization, please read From Dawn to Decadence. If you recognize that the world around you has slipped down from a great height, please read this book. If you wodner how the world of Western Civ came to be, read this book. If you are an idiot that thinks all cultures are equal, Western Civ is just luck of geography and that individual freedom can be created anywhere easily, please read this book. Civilization can come in what seems like great bursts, but there is usually a great brick by brick process. Jacques Barzun carefully weaves a wodnerful tale of Western Civilization from its dawn to our current state, which the author argues can only be called decadent. I love history. I love what Western Civilization has been, and could possibly be again. This book made me appreciate what came before me even more than my previous love of the past and my ancestors who built the world I live in today. I highly recommend this book.

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