Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Political Distractions

What do paying full amounts for brand name birth control, Trayvon Martin, Obama switching publicly to support gay marriage even if he said it should be decided by states (he half assed it even then) all have in common?

They are distraction points used by Obama's team to gear up solid base members to get out and vote in November. Seriously, why would national attention be paid to paying full price for brand name birth control in Obamacare? Why was it mentioned months earlier in a GOP POTUS debate? Single women 'care' about it, even if BC is $9 month at Target and Walmart. They want new, brand name BC for free. Trayvon Martin was shot dead while beating the crap out fo a hispanic guy. In a nation with a murder every 15 minutes, why did the national press spotlight that? Because they can manipulate blacks into thinking whiey is always out to get them like it's 1955. Why did Obama flip on gay marriage now? Gay bundlers were withholding campaign dollars, and he's screwed over gays for 4 years, so he needs the cash and to hopefully get them to vote in November.

Forget that 46 million people are on foodstamps. Forget that 500K people stopped looking for jobs last month. Forget that student loan debt is 1.1 trillion now and colleges keep raising tuition. Forget the millions of foreclosed homes. Forget that gas is back to $4 a gallon, and groceries are much higher now than 4 years ago. Just care about the little, special issue and get in line with the rest of the left wing voting coalition. Forget that Obama is a false product who overpromised and underdelivered. We don't know about Romney, but we know Obama is not working.

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