Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Number of Naked Women on the Internet

What's your guess? Maybe 1 million. Maybe 5 million. Would you guess 30 million? That seems like a truly outrageous number so no way. You'd guess lower. Maybe 10 million. Interesting thing is to consider that the number seems staggering in absolute terms. "Wow, there's 10 million women who have naked photos of them on the Internet." That would be far less than 1% of the total women on the planet. Maybe I'm being too broad. Let's be honest, Would you include the women who live on $1 a day? No. Heck, the untouchable class in India is several hundred million people, and they can't be included as per India rules, they can't even be touched. Seeing them would be bad karma. Would you include folks from developing countries who aren't in the top tier, top tier is like middle class here? No. We're slicing the total number down. Now we're talking about maybe 500 million women. We'd want to leave out the elderly and the under 18, so that number gets even lower. What if the number of total women in 1st and 2nd world nations 18-70 is 300 million? Suddenly 10 million (and growing) is 3%. That would mean one in 33 women you see on the street any day have a naked shot of them on the Internet, like a self shooter in the bathroom type shot. Weird world we live in today.

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