Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie Idea: No Means No

No Means No (Basically Female Deathwish)

Setting: Large fake Southern state school - Georgia State College

Open with girl swimming in river with friends. Lying in sun, talk of going off to college, getting married to their HS sweetheart or finding a job. Lead says she can't wait for school and to leave their small town, which the others tease her about her big city, educated wants, and how she shouldn't be so ready to throw off her rural roots. Some swing off rope swing, but lead doesn't as she doesn't trust the old rope. They all jump in the water to end the scene. She's in the car with her folks, moving into the dorm. She unpacks, gets the hugs goodbye, Dad has to give the 'proud of their scholarship smarty pants, but now you watch out' line, and as she is unpacking gets call from her brother. Because he is military, couldn't see her off so he wishes her fun at her new school. She hangs up and finishes packing. Montage of fresh into college events. She signs up for classes, takes flyers for the women's group BS, gets job in financial aid dept, meets friends, eye flirts with guys, and some party scenes (must show her trying p0t). At the end of this, she is hanging with two female friends (1 white, 1 black). Her rich, white friend says she knows a frat 'crush' party the coming weekend, which she was invited to by a guy on football team. it's the football frat! Yah! She can bring two friends, so she invites them.

In a class, lead sees cute clean cut looking, normal joe she thinks is handsome. They flirt a bit and complain about the stupid freshman required classes they have to take. She gets call from friend about dresses for party. Friend tells her she picked them up, all they have to do is get in them and get going. They get dressed, pre-party and go to frat party. Dozen or two meat market guys and many more girls (mix of black & white). Her black friend says "hold my purse" & tears off towards a handsome black player with wingmen. Lead finds the cute frosh is a new recruit to football team. She and her white friend talk to him, but friend leaves that duo for the handsome, bigger and older white star QB. Lead and frosh boy have normal young couple talk. Teasing, flirting, and the friend waves over the lead to meet the big star QB. Frosh boy is left holding the drink. Star player likes lead, gives her his drink (strong drink), isolates her (white friend now has purses) and as party winds down, get her to come with him upstairs. She enters a room a bit tipsy and sees her black friend hooking up with handsome black guy. She says 'shouldnt we wait', but star picks her up and playfully puts her on other bed. they start hooking up with him being aggressive, and she pushes his hands away from her crotch. She says she doesn't feel right and wants to leave and hears the closet doors rustle. She gets a bit more aware and screams as she sees multiple guys there (b&w). The guys rape the two of them.

She wakes up outside her dorm in her dress on the grass in the middle of the night with her black friend unconscious. She wakes her up, dresses are intact, but they ache all over and know something is wrong. Their panties are both missing. Lead convinces black friend to report to RA and campus police. They bang on RA's door, door swings open into a campus police room where she makes a statement. Lead tells her story as we saw previously and says she will go forward with rape kit. the lead has a rape kit performed on her as well as photos taken, and the campus policeman (young guy) states they will check into it vigorously. Gives her his card. The campus cares. Black friend & Lead go back to dorm shook up. White friend shows up and is concerned for them. They want to be alone. Doors close

Fall gets colder and time moves. Montage of lead sloughing through college stuff, doesn't engage frosh boy when he tries to talk to her, and at the women's group asks why they waste time caring about the college GOP when rapists walk campus. No one listens. Just before fall break, she gets a call from Foghorn Leghorn southern campus police director. He says he'll stop by. He comes by and personally tells her the news: they can't press charges because the investigation lead them to believe it was consensual. She flips out. He says he cannot reveal his sources to protect the witnesses, but he is secure it was consensual, rough group s3x. She calls black friend; black friend not really responsive, crying on phone. Goes home for Thanksgiving.

At home, brother shows up on miliary leave and family has big meal. Mom and Dad ask her to do things she likes and she doesn't want to. They watch football game, and the lead runs out to puke in the toilet as her family cheers the team. She goes out for walk. Gets to river. Brother catches up with her. He knew she'd be there. He pesters her about her mood, and it comes rushing out. Shot of him crying with her. He says if dad knew he'd rise hell with the school. She says, campus knows but doesn't care and they'd not listen to him. What's one dad vs. 80K fans. They walk back together. A few shots of them joking when they get back, mom and dad look relieved, and dad, bro and lead all go shooting together. Daughter takes interest in rifle. Dad laughs at lib daughter wanting interest in shooting. End with target circle getting shot up.

Lead gets back to school. Knocks on her black friend's door. No answer. Rich white friend shows up too. They walk back to lead's room, and run into RA who calls informal floor meeting. Black friend is no longer at school as she committed suicide over break. The school will provide counseling services if needed. Rich friend cries; lead is shocked into silence and mopes back to room. she starts cry, which forces her roommate to leave, she punches her bed and wails as she slams her bed. Runs out of room into campus and yells her friend's name. she was a person, she existed. She walks back angry to her dorm.

Goes to class angry. Everything is done with an edge. Works in financial aid dept. Stops happy party hopping with rich friend. Doesn't bother with chit chat, as she brushes off the frosh boy. Goes to shooting range and learns to use a handgun. Dyes her hair black. Sees her women's group friends having a candlelight vigil to 'take back the night'. She asks them all, how about packing guns & claiming the night?" they tell her violence doesn't answer everything. She gives them the "do you know 'black friend'? where were you to help her?" Women's group members look confused and slightly scared. She comes back to her dorm room to find note with keys in it. Note explains how emails can be traced, so writer gave her copies of keys to frat house. That person knows what happened. That person knows there was a lying witness, that person writes the jock leaders bragged about it, tells her to ask her rich friend about her boyfriend.

At a lunch, the lead meets up with rich friend. rich friend happy lead is coming out again even if finals are here. they chat, and lead asks rich friend if she is going to any winter formals. rich friend does have a date and she says the guys name and says 'you wouldn't know him'. they hug and depart. lead is at her student aid job and looks up her rich friend's bf. he's a junior and the student ID photo freaks her out. it's one of the guys who r@ped her. she goes to the bathroom and starts to cry, while crying she quickly hardens herself and marches back to her desk. she twirls in her seat and says 'unbelievable'. decides to look up her friend's information in office. can't get to grades but checks payments just to see how rich kids pay for school. She sees that rich friend has block grants to pay for school (screen says GSC Grant), and her folks don't pay a dime. Stunned by this, she checks the data entries, and notices record was overwritten in the weeks after the rape. She can't find any IT entries, but knows good old fashioned checks get cashed. Finds on imaging system the first semester tuition check cashed and canceled. The campus police chief's phrase hits her 'consensual group sex'. She finishes work, hits the library and calls original cop. He says he can't reveal anything and says they had multiple witnesses who had the same story of both genders.

After her last final, she calls folks says she is staying at campus through the weekend to get work study hours. She spends night scouring facebook profiles of football team & finds GF of handsome black guy. Gets her name and the next morning goes to financial aid office. Does the same check as on her rich friend. Notices girl had scholarships, paid in cash monthly, then week after rape her cash section becomes GCS grant. Lead starts to click pieces into place. Takes walk, cruises by football frat house, and notices entrances/exits, floors, big windows, can hear the sounds of revelry. Walks back to car and drives home.

At home, family reunites and mom and dad much happier about her mood. brother shows up for christmas. plenty of shooting. she asks bro to come with her to buy gun. he plays protector role and asks if she's in more trouble, to which she denies. just for protection. lightning won't strike twice. she buys small handgun, small taser and old military surplus rifle. Buys plenty of ammo. That afternoon Dad watches GSC in bowl game and teases her for not supporting her own school. She goes to help her mom. Next morning. She tells mom she will go back to school early to work more hours, and that night says goodbye with family. Brother warns her against anything dumb, and she says, I'm just a pretty little girl.

Next morning, she goes back to school and online stalks black jock sniffer. Girl uses (hollywood knock offs of) facebook, twitter, 4square and broadcasts her life to all. Lead stalks her and brings taser & handgun. Meets her in between walk back from restaurant and campus. Asks for help in an alley. When black girl gets close, lead tasers her with right hand. Kicks her smartphone away. Holds her down and interrogates her about the night of rape with gun in the right hand. Knew nothing of it until her hook up asked for her help & talked of making her his no. 1 lady. Simple story, multiple people trying to shake him and friends down, needed female witnesses. They paid for her college. She's just a po' black girl who got the big fish, and had college paid for. She apologizes. lead stands, switches gun to left hand and says "my friend is dead." >bang< "so are you". Lead steals the girls smartphone (shuts it off & removes SIM style chip), wallet and watch. Walks off and proceeds to trash items at different spots of city on way back to dorm.

Wakes up next morning to read online news report of random robbery & shooting in city. Laughs at media's depiction of wrong place, random robbery gone wrong. Walks to frat house which is empty as it is winter break. Lets herself in with the keys the mystery enabler gave her. Goes toward door of room where she was raped. Pushes door open to find simple guy's room. Nothing scary. Leaves out front and locks behind herself. Notices perfect line of sight from house to a hill straight on behind trees. Reads online team flying back in after bowl game victory, and still 2 weeks before classes. Buys big bag of p0t. Montage of lead finding guys through online searches & tasering/shooting always leaving behind some drugs and stealing money/valuables. Refines her MO of dumping things from her first kill. News media says "drug deals gone wrong". Keep showing her walk by frat house to maybe be yelled and whistled at, by catches no real attention and notices still half empty. Last guy killed has her disassembling gun and dumping it. End montage with her pouring gasoline all over parked cars at frat house and under porches. Lights cigarette from out of back of the parking lot and lights fire. Walks to perfect sight line spot to watch it go up. Walks back to her dorm. Dumps keys.

Next morning, knock on her door. Her roommate answers it and it's the young cop, looking for Lead. He asks her to a coffee. They go get coffee and discuss the shootings happening at campus. He tells her that it's kind of obvious to him that the school has their hands tied. can't come down on suspect as they would reveal their rotten core. She asks him about the rape, and he says system is sick. Sports boosters find ways to donate money outside of their sports use. sports generate income that is tax free. scum gets recruited and allowed to run amuck all to play a child's game on tv there are bag men and clean up crews or the filth. maybe the folks left behind need a bag man. she says he shouldn't be worried. everything is over. She gets back to find cute guy is outside her dorm room sitting on floor of hallway. Small exchange which ends with cute guy saying he lost his keys to the frat but doesnt know if he wants a new set.

fast forward to the end of the school year. lead invites rich friend for a BBQ. Family happy to meet friend. Rural family w/rich girl contrast. They drink. Go down to river to swim. Lead confronts her friend after her friend lets it slip that her boyfriend who was senselessly murdered was a good young man. says how being with him was a great 4 months. 4 months would mean she was dating him already by the rape night. Lead puts the bottle of rum or smirnoff ice down and yanks on the rope swing. it clinches off. she lets it float down river. walks back to rich friend and lays into her how he was a rapist and she knew. friend breaks down and says yes, she set them up, didn't think there'd be so many guys, thought it would be group s3x. lied about that night to protect him and the football team. Lead grabs her by the shoulders and berates her about their dead friend, about her lost innocence, about her fake sadness and part in the cover up. throws her down on river shore. rich friend cries and asks for forgiveness. lead jumps into water, grabs her friend and says "ask >black friend<". drowns her. lets her float down river. grabs bottle and drinks.

Lead - Jennifer Lawrence
Rich Girl - Ashley Greene

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