Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another New Song With Great Retro Sound

This song sounds like it is from 1972. I love singing this and inserting any interesting combo of words I can in the 'money grabber' lyric place. It is great to see a band so committed to their total package like this band. This entire video has a time marker on it. It evokes that period of soul music. The little back to back dancing at 1:52 is a nice touch. It's something silly they would have done in a promotional video back then. The outline sequence from 2:02-2:18 is my wife's favorite part of the video. It is a very Austin Powersy touch. The look, sound and lyrics are fantastic and true to that old soul feel. The lead singer sounds like Hall from Hall and Oates. Great voice to sound like. I hope these guys come our way.

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