Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What Happened to My "Liberal" Friends?

It seems as if my old liberal friends and family members are selling out, morphing or becoming pure statists. I find out old ex-gfs that said they'd save the world are now selling real estate. I see my friends who said they would be journalists to uncover truths or professors to educate students go to law school and become corporate lawyers and consultants. Even worse, my super liberal family members are part of those 'word' crusades. You know the ones where they say using a word is not cool, unacceptable or "makes you the worst person since Hitler". These are the same family members who embraced socially liberal things before everyone else. Now.... don't dare call someone 'queer', 'slut' or 'retarded' in front of them. I guess freedom of speech went out the window with their sense of humor. I miss the old friends and family I used to have.

Voting for Democrats and supporting gay marriage does not make you liberal.

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