Sunday, June 26, 2011

So I Bumped into Gov. Daniels of Indiana

I ran into Gov. Mitch Daniels last night and was really struck by a few things. I think there are some other reasons he did not run that no one has mentioned. Of course, he probably did private polling, evaluated campaign donation potential and then said "Nope", but I think there are a few reasons that other politicans will probably heed in the future. I'm not shy, and I gave him crap for not running and mentioned we're looking for a good governor to ride in compared to our current candidates. He gave me the 'there are a lot of reasons for not running' to which I answered "of course of course, plus you have to have the personality to go after that office". He couldn't look me in the eye when he gave his excuses. I think he'd make a good president, but I think he'd make a terrible presidential candidate.

1. He's soft spoken. Sadly, I don't think we can have that anymore in 24-7 media.
2. He's short. Any report of him being 5'8" is generous. I'm 6'1", my dad is 5'4" and no way is Daniels 5'8". He is 5'6"+/-.
3. His combover is terrible.
4. He'd look awful in HD. HD TV will probably prevent dumb Americans from ever voting for a candidate over 65 again. This might be why last year Obama was dying his hair, to slow down the aging process so he doesn't look like a tired, old man so soon. Daniels would look bad with his 62 year old skin (63 in 2012) and combover. HD TV will impact who runs. I now think Hillary will not run in 2016 because by then she is going to look awful in HD nearing 70.

We need to adjust our expectations of who will run, why they can run and the realistic chances in our modern technological age.

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