Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red Wine for Good Health

A lot of healthy eating and living advice sounds like a drag and no fun. One item I have warmed to over time is red win consumption. If you are a low carb person or paleo eater, red wine packs a lot of positives without a lot of carbs. Futurepundit has a lot of links to studies that point out the anti-aginganti-cancer, anti-obesity and good health boosting power of red wine. Wine drinking is also a part of that Mediterranean diet that scientists are high on, and red wine tastes good. It can help you 'feel' good, too. From my "Young American" years, I know very well how alcohol can make one feel good.

In different articles I have read, red wine is one of those good items for men's cardiovascular health. The blood thinning that comes with red wine drinking helps ease things for our hearts. I have seen a wide range of advice on daily drinking units. One of the above links says that less than a glass of red wine a day extends a man's life by 3.8 years, but I have read that 2 glasses a day can benefit a man's health. I average about half a glass of red wine a day (some days are dry). Some weekends I drink some hard alcohol, but hard alcohol is becoming a special event drink. My goal is to keep a nice balance in my diet and to add a touch of red wine a day. Like many others, I can get red wine migraines, so I have to make sure my red consumption is not all super dry reds. We can make a grown up version of the apple a day saying. A glass of red a day to keep the doctor away.

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