Saturday, June 04, 2011

Odd Background Star Wars Characters: Salacious Crumb

When I look back at the Star Wars original trilogy, I am constantly amazed how well done the puppet characters were. The puppets are of course fake, but they look much better than the CGI creatures of the prequels. The cantina scene from a New Hope might be the finest collection of puppets in a scene ever. Consider how the movie going public easily accepted a scene that was mostly men in alien costumes and puppets. Just 6 years later, that scene was considered superior to the scene in Jabba the Hutt's palace. Until CGI can properly capture grime and filth, I'll take puppets and make up over CGI every day and twice on Sunday.

There is one puppet I was repulsed by as a child but enjoyed: Salacious Crumb. He was the upright rat looking creature next to Jabba. He cackled and was a jerk. He was so gross looking. He mouth was a different color, and not a red or pink, but a brownish-black. Look at the photo! He's gross. He has turkey neck wrinkles and mangy hair. Even worse, he kind of eyes Princess Leia when she's chained to Jabba. That would not stand with 3 year old me! While a small, background character, Crumb is a wonderful little detail. It is the care that makes a film a classic and beloved. It's why the prequels will never be a match for the original trilogy.

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