Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Movie Idea: Gypsy Fire

This is a vigilante movie, but because you can't make vigilante movies anymore in America (why is there no Death Wish remake???) as the criminals would have to be made politically correct (multicultural gangs that don't exist in real life), I will set it in France.

Opening credit sequence is American living in French suburb gets dressed for the day and kisses wife and toddler good-bye. Car driving sequence into Paris, with an obvious showing of how his neighborhood is kind of a deserted suburb with some odd gypsy families occupying some of the homes. In Paris, American discusses his latest, completed manuscript and mentions some uncertainty concerning where he wants to take his writing in the future. He gets a cell text stating emergency. He ends meeting and calls wife, frantic call and he needs to go to police station, child is missing. At police station, wife recount tale. They did have a chip implant in their boy when he was a baby. Call is made to that company and police/that company locate child, maybe have a middle of the night, sleeping in the police station moment. Child is located in some gypsy child stealing network location. Police are thankful as a lot of people don't have that child tracking bit, and this might help others by locating some of these child snatchers. Couple uhhh, prods the police about their neighbors who are gypsies, and the police say they will investigate. On drive home ending as they pass by gypsy occupied homes, husband acts naive and expects some resolution, French wife informs him it will go nowhere.

Following scene is family out on walk with kid in stroller. When they pass a gypsy home the husband stops by to talk to a gypsy family. Skirts around child snatching, but mentions he wants to be friendly neighbors. Gets stonewalled. Wife tells him he doesn't understand and should not even talk to them. He asks why they can occupy a home, she says she doesn't know but knows the subdivision failed which is why they got the home for a song. They start getting weird 'messages' like a dead rat in their driveway or windows broken while they are gone. The couple call the developer and meet him. In his office, small model of the subdivision. He (old man) explains how the subdivision couldn't find buyers, he cut prices for a few families (where leads live) and then gypsies started to move in near the division's entrance. By French law, even if he clears them out, he has to sell the homes within 60 days, if not, they can occupy them again and it is a back & forth game. He hates it as it kills him financially. Husband is dumbfounded by the squatters' rights. They leave. Next scene is a middle of the night frantic wake up as a room is on fire. Something burning was thrown through a window. They put out fire. Husband tells wife to take child and go to her parents' house. They pack and go. He says he'll settle this. He gets on the phone and calls his older brother.

Sh*t gets real. Lead picks up his bro at airport. Bro is veteran. Harder around the edges. After military life, has been kicking it in south america. Opposite of his brother the family man writer. On drive home mentions he waned some fun. Brothers discuss old hunting trips with their dead father. Talk about amateur pyrotechnics. After drive back, which takes them through Gypsy part of division with revelry and noise. The brothers have a beer at his house and lead explains what has happened. Brother has ideas. Brother also has to joke on the lead's domestic life. End scene with "we need to go shopping". While they are out buying items, the lead calls the developer. After the shopping trip, they meet. They have a strained conversation about the Gypsies. Developer oddly gives him a slight blessing and hands him the model of the subdivision. Back at the lead's home, the bros use the model of the subdivision to plan some events and in the garage, they are brewing up 'things'. This is a montage of course. The brothers wake up the next day to see police cars next door and another family has made a complaint about the gypsies ('someone' set their trash cans aflame full of garbage). Police say they will talk to Gypsies, but the neighbors are distraught and excitedly talk of packing up and scramming for a bit. Sympathetic cop shrugs his shoulders and mentions a remark about how he can't get the gypsies out. Lead talks to male neighbor, and male neighbor says they do not want to move but want to get away for a week or two. That will calm his family down. lead calls developer and apologizes for any damage, asks about insurance on development for the developer, and tells him he will take care of things this weekend. This is the last straw.

After sunset, you see the brothers moving things around in the neighborhood and setting some trashcans upside down in odd spots. Back at the house, they suit up, burn the subdivision model (oooh, symbolic foreshadowing), and even the vet bro puts on a ghetto looking night vision goggle. Yeah, I want a night vision cam in this action sequence. They tear sh*t up. First you see a flare get shot near the gypsy occupied home and it catches fire and burns some vehicles. Gypsies come out and start yelling at each other. They walk towards an upside down trashcan and as they get close it blows the f*ck up. Gypsies come out of the homes with guns, screaming obscenities. Standard action sequences with sh*t getting blown up, people scramming off in vehicles, houses on fire. Vet bro uses up all their home made explosives to leave nothing behind. There are dead bodies everywhere. Brothers walk back to the house as random explosions go off. They clean up and enjoy a beer together. A car comes up to the driveway and the vet bro grabs a shotgun. The doorbell rings and the lead answers to the door to find the developer. He has a bottle of wine in his hands and mentions that they will need an alibi. As they drink, they phone in the disturbance. Police come, take statements, "we didn't call right off the bat as they make noise over there often", sympathetic cop says how it must be gypsy gang violence. Next morning, driving sequence of lead and bro going to wife's family home. Reunion scene with kiss and hugs. Last scene is shot of demo crew razing the burnt homes as lead's family is out for walk in the neighborhood.


Lead - John Krasinski - You know, this guy is actually a decent actor on the office. He's an everyman, and I can see him being macho enough to pull off some vigilante justice, but sensitive enough to be a writer living in France. I also think he could physically transform over the course of the movie from well dressed family man writer to vigilante, blow sh*t up guy.
Vet Bro - Thomas Jane - Macho older brother type. Always enjoyed his work. I like him in grittier roles. I think he'd excel as the wise cracking, gun toting, explosive making older brother.
Wife - Eva Green - Yes, this is an excuse to cast another hot French chick.
Developer - White haired old guy who is slightly overweight. They can find some old French actor for this role.

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