Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay Male Deaths from AIDS vs. Bully Inspired Gay Suicide

Gay men account for over half of the US HIV infections. Since 17,000 Americans died from AIDS in 2009, one could safely estimate that at least 3000 gay men died from AIDS related causes (most likely much higher). How many gay 'youth' suicides were there last year? 3 or 5.

Which was considered an epidemic?
Which got airtime on Ellen?
Which got an "It gets Better" video?

I'm straight, but I still care about HIV-AIDS. It is a lot higher on my medical priority list than gay teen suicides. It is like the media forgot how to cover big, long term stories. The media will guilt people over a few gay suicides like it is an epidemic (they can blame straighties), but will remain silent over the continuous death toll from HIV-AIDS. It's now just another statistic for them to report. It is a death sentence. Even with the great drug cocktails and antiretroviral drugs, infected people still die and god forbid they lose their insurance and have to go back on the 'old' drugs. Did they make the AIDS quilt for nothing?

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