Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bastard Children in 2011

of course, the news would throw a bucket on celebrating fathers' dya with sad stats about our present society. This study reveals a whole lot of common sense. Having a kid when married might lead to a more involved dad? Younger dads more likely to have kids out of wedlock? Guys who go to college are less likely to have kids out of wedlock? White men less likely to have kids out of wedlock? Go figure to all of this. It is still shocking that 41% of all children are born out of wedlock now compared to 5% in 1960. That is only 50 years. This will create problems. While I do not agree with this writer's policy ideas, he points out the dangers of 'fragile families'. The comments are great, and changes will ultimately come when we as a society stop looking the other way or staying silent when the family jackass says, "Jenny can raise Billy just as good as Mike and Jan could raise their kid".

While my fellow men have much to work on, there is a really glaring missing item from this article.

"Compared to women of previous generations, women are making poor choices by not using contraceptives nor in choosing sexual partners who might make good long term mates, creating environments that lead more often than not to future criminals.”

Governments enjoy rising tides and go broke, economies expand and contract, but people remain.

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