Sunday, May 08, 2011

The OBL Raid Pic

One thing The Obama advisor team is good at is PR. They have really stunk it up with the OBL raid. Actually, it does seem fitting that the military would TCB and then the politicians would flub it. That has been our last 20 years of history. The story changing, the withholding of any photos, releasing info that Valerie Jarrett said NOT to do it and she is a special advisor to Obama, and countless other things have all added to a 'it's the rookie squad' feel to this. Back to the photo, what idiot released this as the photo of the raid viewing (which has changed into a blackout viewing)? Can you spot which person is the POTUS who made the decision in this photo? This photo was totally controlled, and they could have rigged it better.

1. The POTUS should be in the big chair. That projects power and control.
2. The POTUS should be centered.
3. The POTUS should not look scared and desperate. He's hunched over and looks down. Contrast Obama with lower right corner white shirt wearing man, standing suit man, AF guy, and even Hil-dawg. Lower right corner white shirt guy looks in control and serious. Someone should have said to Obama, "hey, do what this guy is doing and sit in the big leather chair".
4. Why is the POTUS wearing a winter/fall looking coat indoors?
5. If this is staged, and the White House has admitted some of these things were staged and chnaged their story, why didn't they take 5 mins to do a wardrobe change and rearrange the room? This could have been a powerful photo and iconic image for Obama, but I doubt he'll want to use it in the future.

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