Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Thought Libya Would be Days Not Weeks

America's involvement in the Libya action has passed the war powers resolution line and would now require Congressional approval. Obama claims that the 'kinetic action' is so minimal that it does not, yet when he began the Libya thing he cited the war powers piece as his justification for not needing Congressional approval. What I find disturbing is that the media has turned a blind eye at this entire operation. I shouldn't be surprised they will do it for a Democrat president, but ahem, isn't this a pretty lame breaking of the rules, in a lame operation, with no real cause, and oil at the heart of it. Isn't this tailor made for the media to get morally outraged over?

Anyone know why we're involved? Who we're aligned with? Why we're involved here but not in Syria? When it will end? Are we targeting Qadafi or no? How stupid this all looks?

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