Sunday, May 08, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Overboard

I have disliked Grey's Anatomy (GA) from day 1. It's a super chick show. It's really obvious in its PC crap. I did think it is weird how the writers made the original female characters so despicable and every man an amazing well rounded man. That threw me off. I understand that Hollywood and TV go way out of their way to PC up or push certain narratives, which GA did an amazing job by having the hospital in Seattle have 3 black doctors (one who was chief) but only one Asian doctor... yeah, because that is realistic. I have noticed a real push not just in a particular narrative, but how they set up editing which has forced me to not even be in the room when my wife watches the show.

Grey's Anatomy has spent the last few season basically saying "straight people take for granted marriage and are bad with it, while gay marriage is a beautiful expression of love that is superior". This is coming from someone who supports gay rights to recognition of unions. While reading on the couch, my wife watched her Tivoed episode ("White Wedding") of GA. Any straight person reacting less than super supportive to the gay ceremony was bad, and they threw in religious maliciousness for good evil measure, and the final scene was split between a straight couple going to a judge for a quick civil ceremony to make their marriage legal while the gay couple had this huge, 'beautiful' ceremony that sadly you evil person that is part of the 50% at home that don't consider it a real marriage should recognize. Grey's had previously juxtaposed a surgeon quickie marriage to a stranger to get him on her health insurance in an altruistic move to 'help' someone w/o insurance (hahaha, another lib narrative pushed) while a gay guy was hurt by an accident at the ceremony his partner set up that was over the top to try to make the marriage 'mean' something special more than just going to a judge for a civil union event. What was GA trying to brainwash you with in that episode? White Wedding took it to a new level.

I rolled my eyes at about 20 spots during the new, White Wedding episode. The final scene of quick editing to bounce betweent he straight take it for granted vs. gay beautiful but not recognized was so obvious and lame. It saddens me how obvious and overt the message is, and that to even push back on it would get a person the 'homophobe' smear. I've spent nearly 30 years watching TV (far less now), and have seen countless handsome and superfit gay men, countless attractive lesbians, and the gay relationships are always pure of heart with evil relatives that don't understand and occasionally that enlightened parent/sibling that supports and embraces the gayness on TV. This does have an impact on people as TV is sadly a large impact on our culture and society, and people are weak. I can't count how many unattractive and overweight gay men I have met. I can't count how many absolutely ugly lesbians I have met. I openly have discussed the lightning speed that my gay friends' relationships seem to be paced at. Yes, TV portrays just about everything in a skewed manner, but gay stuff on TV is ridiculous. Grey's takes it all to another level on one specific topic within the gay community.

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