Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gays Less Than 5% of US Population

Vindication. The General Social Survey data reveals some interesting stuff, and the blogger I linked to did a tally of those who claimed to have same sex partners. He threw in bisexuals as well and split it out by race (not quite, but I bet the Asian data sample was too small at 5% of total US pop). I'm even shocked it is 3.5%, but adding in a fudge factor for people who would lie in an anonymous survey, the number maybe gets to 5%. Americans think it is 25% or so. Maybe they watch too much TV. Big paper here.

Just happy as I once tried to tell a teen that gays make up 5% of the population, maybe 10% if including one time experiments. Thankfully, the GSS is available and not locked under politically correct key.

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