Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California to Release 46K Criminals Back into the Population

The liberal wing of the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy voted to allow Cali to release 46K criminals back into the population (5 to 4, dammit!). Kennedy was the swing vote, as he has been for what seems like 5+ years now. The guy will have a great book written about him after his retirement how his moderate stance gave him control of the SC for years. I really hope the 'wise Latina' Sotomayor and her fellow liberal justices feel good allowing California to release 46,000 criminals back into the population.

We were making good progress in reducing violent crime (5.5% drop). Wonderful progress despite the economic depression around us. Guess that bleeding heart poverty causes crime thing doesn't hold up. I could see poverty causing a robbery or crimes against property, but not murder or rape. That takes a special level of depravity.... not being poor.

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